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Whether you're a fan of Taylor Swift or not, chances are you've already seen her highly anticipated new single from her upcoming album, 1989. The song is called "Shake it off" and while I'm not a "Swifty" (assuming that's what her fans are called), I do think the song is trรจs adorable!

As you can see, it's wildly different from her usual music and sweet country image. She is a bad dancer but she's perfectly fine making fun of her dancing "skills". It is also a not-so-subtle but harmless (and hilarious) parody of other popular songs and artists (I'm looking at you Miley). All in all, she plays a lovable dork who's shaking off her haters and trying something new. I approve!

What's your verdict? Do you like her new image or do you miss the ol' country Taylor Swift?

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Love it. Fun and catchy. Not meant to be taken seriously.

I dont understand why is it being called as racist n stuff....the song is awesome!

Best song ever!!!!!!!!!

Where did all the actual content on this website go all of a sudden? If I wanted random celebrity gossip I'd read a tabloid.

Exactly Kadijaa!! I watched it yesterday and after a long day of doing homework i should have watched it again to de-stress, that's what it's good for ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am not a fan of Taylor Swift, and my opinion on this song is no exception. She has displayed racism (white ladies as ballerinas, black "faceless" ladies as twerkers, brown men as hip hop dancers...) and I'm sure her country label is peeling off. By far the worst music video from Swift. Also, the lyrics are shallow and repetitive, and although it does carry a somewhat useful message - haters gonna hate - it's missing the point of why people would hate on you. You might have made a mistake.

That's rude I love her and she's an inspirational person!

Plus every one else is what you call "racist" in there vids, so why is she an exception to call racist? She is very smart at trying to make money and has done well

my girl


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