Taylor Swift Shakes It off ...

By Sheila

Whether you're a fan of Taylor Swift or not, chances are you've already seen her highly anticipated new single from her upcoming album, 1989. The song is called "Shake it off" and while I'm not a "Swifty" (assuming that's what her fans are called), I do think the song is très adorable!

As you can see, it's wildly different from her usual music and sweet country image. She is a bad dancer but she's perfectly fine making fun of her dancing "skills". It is also a not-so-subtle but harmless (and hilarious) parody of other popular songs and artists (I'm looking at you Miley). All in all, she plays a lovable dork who's shaking off her haters and trying something new. I approve!

What's your verdict? Do you like her new image or do you miss the ol' country Taylor Swift?

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