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Ten Year Old Fan Makes Justin Timberlake Cry during Concert It's so Sweet ...

By Vanessa

If you like Justin Timberlake, prepare to fall in love with him after this video. The "Suit & Tie" singer paused his sold-out NY concert to chat with a ten-year-old fan who was standing in the front row! The little gentleman was dressed in a white tuxedo and looked SO adorable - it's no wonder he caught Justin's eye! He told Justin that he's been a fan of his since he was two! Aww.

While accepting a gift from the young fan (a bow tie), Justin got super emotional! "Hey man, greatest gift ever," he said. "Because a gentleman can never have too many bow ties. ... I might have to wear that on Christmas day." SO SWEET! J.T even called him "the coolest dude here!" Watch:

There's no doubt that this kid's night was made. How sweet is Justin? Class act, for sure.

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