The Best-Dressed Hollywood Couples ...

If you know anything about me, you know that I’m a sucker for cute Hollywood couples, and that is amplified when they have really amazing style, both on their own and together. If you love celebrity couple style as much as I do, I’m sure that you’ll love this list. Whether they’re walking the red carpet together or simply out and about on a Sunday morning, these couples always look gorgeous together, regardless of what they happen to be doing. These couples are not only some of the cutest couples in Hollywood, but they’re definitely some of the best dressed we’ve seen in this generation!

1. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are perfect on their own, so when it was announced that they secretly got married a few years ago, they basically broke the Internet. Together, they are hilariously quirky and all kinds of perfect, and their style is even better. Every time they step out on a red carpet together I fall in love with them as a couple even more.

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