The Biggest Loser Camper Loses Her Balanceโ€ฆ


A camper at The Biggest Loser Resort learned that there is a right way to do things and then there is hers!

Exercise camps are supposed to make you healthy, but this woman found out they can be quite dangerous too. The Biggest Loser Resort is a weight loss center in Malibu with ties to the NBC and the show. A woman at the camp was hiking on Backbone Trail in the Malibu area, when she fell off the trail and broke her ankle.

An L.A. County Sheriff's Search and Rescue team assisted the L.A. County Fire Dept. in finding her and rushed her to a nearby hospital.

NBC confirmed that this woman was not a contestant on the show, though who would have known that they run a resort too. Now that's quite the entrepreneurial move!