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The Bump Don't Lie Shakira's Expecting Another Baby ...

By Lyndsie

After weeks of rumors, Shakira has finally revealed that she is indeed pregnant with her second baby! The singer, 37, opened up in the Spanish edition of Cosmopolitan, letting the world know that she and Gerard Pique, her soccer-star partner, are expecting a brand-new baby.

The twosome already have one adorable son, Milan, who was born in January of 2013. As it turns out, baby number two is a boy as well, so Shakira is set to have a house full of boys – and maybe a house full of soccer players as well!

As well as confirming her pregnancy, Shakira took the opportunity to gush about how happy she and Gerard are with each other. They've been together since 2010 and, upon being asked if they'd ever get married, the gorgeous, bubbly singer maintained that they already have everything they need. She explained that they already have a union, they're deeply in love, they have a beautiful family, and so they already have all the essential things they need. That being said, however, she revealed that if she ever decides to get married, Gerard is indeed the one.

Isn't that precious? Congratulations, Shakira!


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