These Style Stars Killed It in the Bad Blood Music Video ...

Taylor Swift’s newest music video for Bad Blood was highly anticipated. It featured nearly all of her best friends, and for weeks Taylor herself gave us little teasers of all of the amazing women (and one man!) who were going to be featured in the video. Well, the music video did not disappoint, and neither did the style. These women were, without a doubt, some of the most stylish women in music videos this year. All of the women looked amazing, but here are some of the biggest style stars from the Bad Blood music video.

1. Taylor Swift, of Course

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Taylor Swift wore so many outfits in the Bad Blood music video that it was nearly impossible to keep track, but each look was better than the last. Whether she was fighting with Frostbyte or in the car with Welvin da Great, her style was impeccable, and I’d really appreciate if she turned this into a movie franchise just so we could see more of her amazing style as “Catastrophe.”

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