These Women Put the Super in Supermodel ...

There are models on commercials, in magazines, on billboards and even in newspaper ads; the lovely ladies who pose for our toothpastes, our furniture sales, and even our night clubs. Then there are super models, women of such ridiculous beauty that they become rich and famous just for being so abnormally gorgeous. They’re a rare and truly magnificent sight to behold. These models grace runways and multi-national fashion campaigns for every major fashion house, and rock the pages of the most-read magazines from Brazil to Taipei. Now they strut their stuff here and now: these are the women who put the “super” in “supermodel.”

1. Emily Ratajkowski

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We learned two things from Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video. One, Robin Thicke is a complete sexual predator, and two, Emily Ratajkowski is one bad ass lady. A complete powerhouse of a woman, she struts every set of every shoot as if she owns the world, mainly because she does. Her work includes the SI Swimsuit Issue and any country that has its own version of Vogue, even Vogue Turkmenistan — does Turkmenistan have a Vogue? — probably not, but if it did, rest assured she would be hand bra-ing the hell out of those pages.

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