Throwing Shade on the Alleged Shade at the VMAs ...

Why does the internet try to cause drama where there is no drama? This year's VMAs had enough drama on their own – the snake snafu during Nicki Minaj's rehearsal, the shooting at Chris Brown's pre-VMAs party – so there's no need to create shade where there is no shade. People are always trying to create beefs between actors, actresses, and musicians, and yet there's rarely any there there, if you get what I mean.

Right now I'm specifically calling out the idea that both Miley Cyrus and Chelsea Handler threw shade at Taylor Swift, regarding her “Shake It Off” performance. Outlets like Us, Buzzfeed (where, to be fair, I spend most of my life), and others are insisting that Miley has been waiting to throw some snark Taylor's way since last year's VMAs, when T-Swift had, well, a reaction to Miley's scandalous performance – you know, along with everyone else at the show, and the rest of the world in general. You've probably seen GIFs of an allegedly “blank-eyed” Cyrus watching Swift's performance. I do not think there's any shade there.

Chelsea Handler purportedly threw shade as well, by referring to Taylor – and her dancing – as “SO white.” I think maybe Handler is just being, you know a comedian. Then, too, Katy Perry and Sam Smith apparently threw shade at Miley while her date, a homeless youth, gave an impassioned plea as he accepted an award on her behalf. J-Lo allegedly threw shade at Miley as well, via a dirty look. Oh, and Miley apparently called Ed Sheeran an “a**hole.”

Is this not some overblown BS? I'm officially throwing shade at everybody. Shade, shade, shade!


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