Top 9 Celebrity Mug Shots ...

Celebrity Mug Shots bring a uncanny smile to my face. Call me Gary Busey Crazy, but don’t they make you feel all gitty inside, like maybe, just maybe, they are no different than you and me. Let these Celebrity Mug Shots be a reminder that we normal people, are better off without the enlarged bank accounts and big bubba security. Be thankful our faces are not making the tabloids each and every week. Enjoy my favorite 10 Celebrity Mug Shots:

1. Bill Gates

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He maybe the richest man in the world, but he apparently doesn’t know what a stop sign is. Bill Gates was arrested in New Mexico in the 1977 after a traffic violation. In 1975, Gates was caught speeding and driving without a license. Then in 1977, Gates ran a stop sign still without his license. Then again Gates allegedly was involved in, without charges laid, a collision with a vehicle which ran a stop sign. Is it just me or does Bill Gates look as if he is all of 12 years old in his Mug Shot?

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