7 Totally Bizarre Royal Baby Mementos People Are Actually Buying ...

Editor's Note: this article was written BEFORE the baby was born, so please keep that in mind while you read about and enjoy these ... odd? ... treasurers. - JK

So, it’s happened – the Royal Baby is here, and contrary to expectations, it’s a boy! While Kate hasn’t yet gone home, and the name of the future King isn’t known, that hasn’t stopped people from cashing in on the birth. The #Royalbaby hashtag got over 900,000 mentions last night, as news of the birth spread round the world. Got baby fever? Check out these utterly bizarre royal baby gifts.

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Celebrate the birth of the royal baby by investing in this - rather different? - knitted scene. There’s a very small Kate and a very big baby – and then there is William, who looks rather like a ‘70s pimp. At least it’s only $16! Pretty crazy right?

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