10 Ugliest Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas of 2011 ...

Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas happen every single week, it seems like. You can't expect celebrities to swing aces all the time, but there are occasions when you just have to wonder why they or their stylists chose certain outfits. Is committing a celebrity fashion faux pas thus the end of the world? Absolutely not. I particularly love those stars who are actually glad to make a Worst Dressed list, because they recognize that, hey! At least they're being original! That being said, I hope the stars mentioned in this list of the ugliest celebrity fashion faux pas of 2011 will accept the title in the spirit in which it is given!

1. Katy Perry's Smurf Dress

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I love Katy Perry, I really do, and rarely do I think she commits a celebrity fashion faux pas. Rather, I think her choices are original, bright, and pretty. However, I'm slightly bitter. I grew up on cartoon Smurfs, and her Smurfette is not the real Smurfette. Actually, I admit that I wouldn't think this dress was so bad if not for the addition of blond hair. Huh? What? Katy, you were my favorite brunette! Stop trying to look like Smurfette!

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