Use Taylor Swift as Your Fashion Inspiration This Fall ...

Although Taylor Swift is known as a style icon year round, there has never really been a season that she completely conquered like last fall. Remember how it seemed like every day she’d leave her NYC apartment in some glorious outfit that we’d all be dying to create for ourselves. If her style from last fall is still your fall inspiration this year, here’s how you can transform your wardrobe and dress like you’re being photographed by an enormous group of paparazzi all the time.

1. Wear a Cape

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Before Taylor Swift wore a cape-poncho hybrid last fall, no one would be caught dead wearing a poncho. Since she wore it, though, she’s completely created a new trend in fall fashion. I don’t know about you, but the second she wore it I was on the hunt for my own dramatic yet perfect fall piece. Add a cape, a poncho, or a mixture of the two for your most dramatic fall style yet!

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