7 Ways Celebs Can Make You Feel Beautiful ...


7 Ways Celebs Can Make You Feel Beautiful ...
7 Ways Celebs Can Make You Feel Beautiful ...

The media can cause negative thoughts, but there are ways celebs can make you feel beautiful. You have to remember that the majority of the pictures you see of your favorite stars are photoshopped and their hair and makeup are professionally done. It takes hours for them to look the way we’re used to seeing them. When you’re feeling bad about yourself, here are some ways celebs can make you feel beautiful.

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Twin Traits

If you don’t like one of your features, search for pictures of celebrities with similar traits. If you’re self-conscious about the size of your nose or stomach, look at how beautiful Barbara Streisand and Melissa McCarthy are. One of the ways celebs can make you feel beautiful is by seeing how similar you are. Realizing that a famous, highly beloved woman has the same face shape or hairstyle as you can boost your confidence. Know that beauty comes in millions of different flavors.


Search for Speeches

The speech that Ashton Kutcher recently gave at the Teen Choice Awards was inspirational and included a line about intelligence being the sexiest trait anyone can have. There are tons of celebrities that have given similar speeches and have famous quotes about beauty. Never bask in your negativity. When you’re feeling down, look for something to pull you out of it. Words can be magical and have the ability to change your opinion on life and yourself.


Magic Makeup

The most beautiful women have moments when they feel like messes. You’ll see them in gorgeous colors with wide smiles when they’re on the red carpet, but they have to make themselves ready just like anyone else. They don’t wake up ready to be photographed for a magazine cover. It takes time and work to get the look that they crave. Check out these celebs without any makeup on and remember that you have more in common with them than you think: radaronline.com.


Fab Fashion Lines

What you wear can determine your mood for the day. When your favorite celebrity creates a fashion line that fits you perfectly, it can make you feel confident to wear their clothes. Sofia Vergara has form fitting clothes in every size that’ll make you feel as beautiful as her. Plus, the line is sold at Kmart and is relatively cheap. Go to the store’s website to search for something right for you.


Constant Changes

Do you look the same as you did ten years ago? Of course not. As you age, your appearance changes. You might not like what you look like now, but you could love your look in a few years. Celebyearbookphotos.com shows celebs as teenagers and proves how much a person can change.


Friendly to Fans

Who’s your favorite celebrity? When you love someone that appreciates their fans, your confidence can skyrocket. By seeing they treat everyone that adores them with such respect, it can make you feel special. Even if you never get the chance to meet your favorite actor or singer, they can impact your life greatly. Don’t underestimate their power.


Melodious Music

Everyone knows how much music can help you when you’re going through tough times. There are plenty of songs that deal with the concept of beauty. Listen to “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera or “F—ing Perfect” by Pink. They both have inspirational messages that tell their listeners to love themselves. So put your headphones on and blast those songs.

Whenever you’re low on confidence, remember how beautiful you are. Who’s your favorite celebrity? Have they ever said or done anything that has made you feel good about yourself?

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I agree with everything about this article exept I see celebreties just as a character of a movie or show not more than that couse gods knows how many ppl work on them to b where and what they r its not that they r like that or famouse just by there own ,if u know what I mean ppl look at celebreties as an specail creature from god or somthing gosh ppl these days

Other songs that really helps boost my confidence are "What makes you beautiful" and "Little things" by one direction. They are amazing!

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