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Want to know how to eat like a Victoria’s Secret model? Of course you do! These girls don’t starve themselves the way most of us think. In fact, most of them eat very healthy and eat a natural diet. They don’t starve themselves on carrot sticks and green juice, like most people may think. Check out these tips from Victoria’s Secret models and get the inside tricks on how to look great.

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Eat Fresh

Being beautiful and slim is easy when you eat like a Victoria’s Secret model. First things first- eat fresh food. Nothing boxed, packaged or filled with junk. Put away the fake stuff and add in fresh food. You know what I mean- fresh fruits and veggies, raw almonds, avocados, etc. Healthy nutrients and healthy fats should always be eaten fresh. It will not only slim you, but satisfy you too.


Get Enough Protein

Supermodels need protein just like the rest of us do. Protein keeps our metabolisms running high, keeps our muscles lean, and prevents sugar cravings. Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr makes sure to get her protein through grilled fish, eggs, organic chicken, and vegan protein powder, which are all great sources of slenderizing and energizing proteins.


Add in Superfoods

Superfoods are not needed for a healthy diet, but they certainly do help speed up the process. Superfoods such as gogi, acai and coconut oil are all part of several Victoria’s Secret models' routines, such as Miranda Kerr's. Not only are these foods energizing and full of nutrients, but they are also great beauty foods.


Keep It Small and Steady

Any smart model will tell you the key to having energy and staying nourished is eating small, regular meals. Large meals create bloating, and can make us sluggish and tired. Eating small, regular meals keeps our blood sugar stable, prevents bloating, and makes digestion easier. All of these factors result in more energy throughout the day.


Eat for Beauty

Instead of focusing on calories, eat foods known to make your skin pretty. This is one of my favorite tricks for taking the focus off my calories, and more on my nutrition. Victoria’s Secret models indulge in green smoothies, almonds, avocados, coconut oil, dark chocolate and salmon. All of these foods are great foods for the skin.


Organic when Possible

The nutritionist of Victoria’s Secret models asks them to eat organic fruits and veggies whenever possible for the ultimate source of nutrition. This is a simple tip most of us should follow anyway, so to up your intake of vitamins and get the best taste from your food, go organic whenever you can.


No Processed Sugar

Berries, apples, and low sugar fruits are the best source of sweetness for Victoria’s Secret models, according to their nutritionist. Be sure to get in raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and pomegranates each day, but cut the sugar intake. It ages the skin, causes weight gain, and creates low blood sugar swings.


Eat for Energy

Victoria’s Secret models have to work out every day at the gym, unless they’re under 25, so they must have energy to workout each day and look so great too. The key to energy is to eat well. Their dietitican has them eat protein rich foods and slow-burning carbs such as omelets, oatmeal, cottage cheese or Greek yogurt. They also eat salads and lean protein for lunch and vegetables, brown rice and protein for dinner. I think this is great advice for anyone, model or not.



Not only is it important to drink your water, it’s also important to eat it! Victoria’s Secret models eat lots of water rich fruits and vegetables at every meal to not only keep their skin looking great, waistline in check and energy high, but also to hydrate naturally through their foods. Consume as many vegetables and at least 3-4 fruits per day and drink tons of water.

While these tips may not have us looking like Miranda Kerr by the weekend, they’re overall easy and incredibly smart ways to eat for anyone, not just models. I have been practicing these habits for years and found it comforting to know that Victoria’s Secret models actually eat smart like every woman should. They also aren’t afraid to indulge in their favorite foods as a reward after shows. Do you follow any of these tips from VS models? Share them!

Sources: kitchendaily.com

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I agree with Tierra... They do.. I have friends who are in the modelling industry and 90% of the time, they'll eat then make themselves sick... So yes some eat healthy, many dnt eat and most are just bulimic... Sad but true... :(

Great article! These tips do work, I think vs models probably restrict a liiiitle in addition to these tips, but I know from eating similar to the tips you're describing that that addition restriction can be much much less than on the standard American diet.


you should make an article on how to exercise like a victoria secret model!

Good tips

Sorry to burst y'all bubble but some of them starve themselves

Love miranda kerr! She also says she follows the 80/20 rule where 80% of what you eat is healthy and the other 20% is indulgent because everything requires moderation :)

Like the 80/20 rule, and indulging in a little bar of dark chocolate with fruit and nuts in has got to be good for me!

This is great! I agree "happy"! I think it would be so cool to have an article on VS workouts!

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