Who Are 🤔 the World's 🌎Highest Paid 💰 Models 💃 in 2017?

Forbes has released its list of the world’s highest paid models 2017.

Whether you are jealous of them, aspire to be just like them or don’t personally have an opinion on them, there is no doubting the fact that models play a huge part in both fashion media and social media across the world. It is pretty much impossible to avoid models these days, regardless of whether you are into fashion or not. Models have become much more than just the faces and bodies in the magazines; they have become their own subset of celebrity, and as with any successful celebrity, they make big money. Some, in fact, make so much money that they rival any of Hollywood’s or music’s biggest stars. So who are the world’s highest paid models in 2017 according to Forbes Magazine.

1. Kendall Jenner

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Arguably the most fashionable of all the Kardashian clan, Kendall Jenner is the year’s highest paid model with earnings of an estimated $22 million dollars. And this isn’t even including the huge paycheck she shares with her family for their wildly successful reality show!

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