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7 Worst Dressed Celebrities Who Need a Fashion Makeover ...

By Alison

We all like to marvel at the lists of the worst dressed celebrities. With all their money and the stylists at their disposal, how can they get it so wrong? Even the most gorgeous celebs can get it wrong occasionally, but some never seem to get it right. Here are the worst dressed celebrities who could really do with a fashion makeover …

Table of contents:

  1. Rihanna
  2. Nicki minaj
  3. Madonna
  4. Miley cyrus
  5. Justin bieber
  6. The kardashians
  7. Katie price

1 Rihanna

Rihanna is often one of the worst dressed celebrities. She's such a pretty girl, yet often fails to make the most of her striking looks. When she gets it right, she looks lovely. Yet most of the time she wears an unflattering 'street' look or shows far too much flesh. Sometimes less really is more, and covering up can be far sexier than showing it all.

2 Nicki Minaj

Oh, Nicki. Why do you want to look like a cartoon come to life? It could be an attempt to grab the public's attention, in which case it's worked. I didn't recognise Nicki when I saw a photo of her with a more natural look. She looked amazing without the garish wigs and ridiculous clothes. There's a far prettier woman underneath all that loud exterior.

3 Madonna

Now, I'm not one to tell people to dress age-appropriately. Wear what you like, if it suits you. And there's no denying Madonna may have a cracking body, but her fondness for crotch-hugging leotards really isn't dignified or flattering, and her off-duty sportswear just looks cheap. When she wears smart dresses she looks lovely. Definitely time to cover up.

4 Miley Cyrus

Yes, she's young. Yes, she's trying not to be Hannah Montana. Yes, her worst outfits are stage outfits. But is showing a view only your gynecologist should see really progress for women? Truly sexy, confident women don't have to try that hard. Put it away, Miley!

5 Justin Bieber

Another former teen star trying too hard. What is it with Bieber and his dreadful baggy pants that make him look like he's wearing a huge (and very full) diaper? The baseball caps don't do him any favors either, or walking around with his shirt off. He'd look so much better with smart fitted pants and a jacket.

6 The Kardashians

Which one to pick? Kim …Khloe … Kris? None of the Kardashians seem able to choose flattering clothes. Kris dresses like she thinks she's the same age as her daughters, Kim can't dress for her shape, and Khloe looks like a stripper. This in spite of their many millions and designer gear. The whole family badly needs a good stylist.

7 Katie Price

I was actually speechless at glamor model/entrepreneur/tabloid favorite Katie Price's latest outfit - a rainbow-inspired monstrosity. Yes, she was advertising a product. But whether working or not, Price always looks like she grabbed the cheapest, most unflattering clothes she could find. She also wears far too much makeup and fake tan, plus dreadful extensions. Yet she's actually really pretty underneath.

It must be difficult to always be on show, but looking good is part of the celebrity job description. Some of them really do need to sack the stylist though. You don't need lots of money to look good, so there's no excuse for dressing badly when you've got lots of cash. Which celebrity would you really like to give a makeover?

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