10 Worst Oscar Dresses of All Time ...


Worst Oscar dresses are quite memorable, even though the stars that wore them would no doubt rather forget them. As you’ll see below, there’s no set formula for what makes a worst Oscar dress. All we know is that when worst Oscar dresses happen, our eyes cry. With the Oscar season wrapped up for another year, let’s look back in red carpet history to relive some of the worst dresses at the Oscars.

1. Uma Thurman – 2004

Uma Thurman – 2004

I’m not quite sure what Uma or her stylist was thinking when they chose this ensemble (did she even have a stylist? If so I hope she fired them promptly after this). The poufy sleeves, the blue sash… it all seems a bit Sound of Music meets the Oscars, and it doesn’t work well at all!

Whoopi Goldberg – 1993
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