Zac & Vanessa Are Hanging out Again...


It was a solemn day last month when it became public that Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens had split. Though it was an amicable breakup, the two seemed to have stopped interacting with one another for a while.

However, as E! News has found out, the two are now back in touch and are even spending some time together. "They're talking and hanging out", one source said. "They needed the break and are still figuring things out".

On Tuesday, Zac was spotted leaving from Vanessa's L.A.-area home and he visited her even yesterday before making it to the People's Choice Awards.

So yeah, they don't seem to be back together (just yet), but its good to know that they can be mature enough to handle this well and try and work things out. Hopefully the time and distance apart helps them sort out whatever issues they might have had!

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