65 Absolutely Stunning Miranda Kerr Outfits ...


Miranda Kerr is a full-time mother, a well-known supermodel, an author, the creator of her own skin care line and most of all, a fashion icon!

With a body and a face like hers, she can make anything look good but it's undeniable that the model has a really classy and sophisticated fashion sense even when she is not being styled for a photo shoot.

Let's take a look at the most stunning Miranda Kerr outfits captured on camera!

1. Sheer Blouse and Dark Denim


Via Everything Miranda.

Miranda Kerr can really pull of this business casual look.

It's effortless, classy and very stylish!

2. Cute Blouse, Skinny Jeans and Pulled Back Hair


Via Untitled | via Tumblr

Blouses, skinnies and flats seems like a to go combination for this model.

She seeks style and comfort on a daily basis!2

3. Jean Jacket, Circle Skirt, Blouse and Boots


Via Miranda Kerr Fashion Style

This is by far one of my top favorite Miranda Kerr outfits.

The circle skirt and blouse add a lot of femininity to the outfit, while the hat and the western style boots give more of a laid-back feel.

She made the perfect choice of topping it off with a jean jacket as it makes it more casual and ties the look together.

4. White Blouse and Perforated Skirt


Via A cut above the rest: ...

It's not an easy task to pull of an all white outfit, but Miranda Kerr pushes the boundaries and definitely rocks this all white blouse and skirt combination.

5. Yellow Lace Tight-fitting Dress


Via 40 Extraordinary Lace Dress Outfits

Miranda looks like a goddess sporting this bright and flirty dress.

It brings out the highlights of her voluminous hair and makes her skin glow.

6. Jean Jacket, Black Skinnies and Leopard Flats


Via Everything Miranda.

The supermodel mixes up her everyday outfit by spicing things up with a stunning leather jacket and statement leopard print flats!

Loose Top and a Maxi Skirt
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