7 Amazing Adele's Love Songs ...

Adele's Love Songs are as emotionally wrought and gorgeous as she is, with depth and clarity and completely relate-able heart-break and/or sweetness. The music, her rich, sultry voice, the lyrics — every element of Adele's love songs work together to create wholly memorable and #beautiful experience, whether you're dealing with heartache or feeling the love. If you aren't familiar with all of Adele's love songs, keep reading! Here are 7 of her most amazing tunes, all of which have to do with love found or lost, and #everything in between.

1. Someone like You


Poor Adele! You have to wonder who broke her heart... the idea of this #song is similar to that of Alanis Morisette's «You Oughta Know,» but Adele is more wrenching, somehow. Her voice soars even while her little heart breaks.