7 Foolproof Ways to Deepen Your Obsession with Jamie Dornan ...


Fifty Shades of Grey's leading man, Jamie Dornan, will be hitting the big screen in just a few more months! Until then, there are plenty of ways to deepen your Jamie Dornan obsession. I mean, is there a support group for these types of obsessions? If not, we should totally form one! This hunk will be taking over Hollywood in no time and I cannot wait to see him take on the role of Christian Grey. Here are some foolproof ways to deepen your Jamie Dornan obsession:

1. Binge-watch OUAT

Did you know that Jamie was in the first season of ABC's hit show "Once Upon a Time"?! He played the town sherif and definitely provided the show with some major eye candy. He even had a fling with the Evil Queen! Although his character doesn't last for longer than the first season, it's still a treat to watch him in the series. This is just one of many ways to deepen your Jamie Dornan obsession!

2. Watch Marie Antoinette

Jamie made his big screen debut in Marie Antoinette! He played Count Axel Fersen and is responsible for some pretty steamy sex scenes in the film. Also, Jamie in period costumes is a beautiful sight to see. If you haven't watched the movie, do it today!

3. Listen to His Former Band

Yup, you read that right. Jamie Dornan was in a band! If that doesn't deepen your love and obsession for him, I don't know what will. Jamie was a part of a duo, Sons of Jim, and their music was awesome. They've got a really cool, folky sound to them.

4. Listen to His Accent

In case you didn't know, Jamie's Irish! Seeing as he's put on an American accent for all of his acting roles, it's easy to forget. However, if you watch any of his interviews, you can hear him speaking with his natural accent. It's glorious!

5. Watch Him do His Funny Walk

What's better than good looks? A good personality! Jamie proves that he's got both. When he went on The Graham Norton Show, the actor had a hilarious story to share about how he "never learned how to walk." He even admitted that people used to make comments about the way he'd walk! Of course, he had to give the audience a peek at his walk and how he's tried to fix it.

6. Re-watch the 50 Shades Trailer

Anyone else lose count of how many times they've watched this movie trailer? I think everything about it is so perfect. It's pretty much the only thing that's going to help me survive until the movie's February release. If you can't wait for the movie and to see Christian Grey come to life, you can watch this movie trailer over and over again. Trust me, it just never gets old.

7. Look at All His Photo Shoots

Before his acting career, Jamie started off modeling. He's been the face of many campaigns and starred in many designers' commercials. If you feel like staring at his photos all day, you can google his different photo shoots! This video takes you behind the scenes of his shoot with ASOS Magazine. He even talks about his own personal style!

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of many foolproof ways to deepen your Jamie Dornan obsession. What do you love most about him?