This 👉🏼 is How to Become Famous 🤗 on Instagram 🖥 ...


So you want to know how you can become famous on Instagram, or in other words, Instafamous?

Well, here are 7 tips you can use to help you reach this goal and gain popularity through your feed 😄 📱✨

Above all else, though, remember to be patient as you may not see the results you want overnight.

Keep working away at it, and like most things in life, it will pay off for you! ❤️ 💖

1. Be Super Consistent

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When it comes to social media - and especially Instagram - being consistent is super important if you want to become Instafamous!

It's no surprise that people are way more likely to follow active accounts rather than ones that haven't posted anything for months and months.

That being said, try not to over-do it by posting too frequently - you don't want to clog up your followers' feed with only your content!

2. It's Good to Show Support

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Showing support is another great way to get yourself noticed on Instagram.2

But, remember, it's important to do this for the right reasons and because you actually want to support other people (in other words, not just for personal gain).

So, another thing you can do is take the time to explore different accounts or similar ones to your content and just be interested in what they're posting about!

Show your support by giving positive and encouraging comments or even just by liking some of their content.

3. Find Your Favourite Filter

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Okay so I know lots of people already have their 'favourite filter' sussed out but it's never too late to find one that works for you, if you haven't found it already!

Have fun with it, try them out on various photos and see which ones appeal to you.

It's pretty fun to have a go-to filter that you pretty much know is going to make your photos look even better than they already are!2

Don't Try to Please Everyone
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