9 Ways to Eat like a Victoria's Secret Model ...


Want to know how to eat like a Victoria’s Secret model?

Of course you do!

These girls don’t starve themselves the way most of us think.

In fact, most of them eat very healthy and eat a natural diet.2

They don’t starve themselves on carrot sticks and green juice, like most people may think.

Check out these tips from Victoria’s Secret models and get the inside tricks on how to look great.

1. Eat Fresh

Being beautiful and slim is easy when you eat like a Victoria’s Secret model.

First things first- eat fresh food.

Nothing boxed, packaged or filled with junk.

Put away the fake stuff and add in fresh food.

You know what I mean- fresh fruits and veggies, raw almonds, avocados, etc.

Healthy nutrients and healthy fats should always be eaten fresh.

It will not only slim you, but satisfy you too.

2. Get Enough Protein

Supermodels need protein just like the rest of us do.

Protein keeps our metabolisms running high, keeps our muscles lean, and prevents sugar cravings.

Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr makes sure to get her protein through grilled fish, eggs, organic chicken, and vegan protein powder, which are all great sources of slenderizing and energizing proteins.

3. Add in Superfoods

Superfoods are not needed for a healthy diet, but they certainly do help speed up the process.

Superfoods such as gogi, acai and coconut oil are all part of several Victoria’s Secret models' routines, such as Miranda Kerr's.2

Not only are these foods energizing and full of nutrients, but they are also great beauty foods.

4. Keep It Small and Steady

Any smart model will tell you the key to having energy and staying nourished is eating small, regular meals.

Large meals create bloating, and can make us sluggish and tired.

Eating small, regular meals keeps our blood sugar stable, prevents bloating, and makes digestion easier.

All of these factors result in more energy throughout the day.

Eat for Beauty
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