25 Awesome Celebrity Halloween Costumes ...

Halloween comes and goes every year, and I for one have MAJOR fun each time 'round. From dressing up as a Smurf girl to being a wild schoolgirl, I've had fun every single year!! Whilst we normal beings deck up and play Trick or Treat, our celebrity counterparts are never far behind. Here's 25 of my all-time favorite celebrities who ruled Halloween in complete style:

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Image source: i.ivillage.com
Jenny does the French Maid look like no other. Fishnet stockings, black heels, a flouncy frock and a plunging neckline, it was all there. From being buxom to having that gorgeous french maid-worthy figure, Jenny was a Halloween delight!! She played the look so perfectly that she could have done some justice to it and help dust off my centerpieces. It's been a while anyway.

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