25 Awesome Celebrity Halloween Costumes ...


25 Awesome Celebrity Halloween Costumes ...
25 Awesome Celebrity Halloween Costumes ...

Halloween comes and goes every year, and I for one have MAJOR fun each time 'round. From dressing up as a Smurf girl to being a wild schoolgirl, I've had fun every single year!! Whilst we normal beings deck up and play Trick or Treat, our celebrity counterparts are never far behind. Here's 25 of my all-time favorite celebrities who ruled Halloween in complete style:

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Jenny McCarthy Image source: i.ivillage.com
Jenny does the French Maid look like no other. Fishnet stockings, black heels, a flouncy frock and a plunging neckline, it was all there. From being buxom to having that gorgeous french maid-worthy figure, Jenny was a Halloween delight!! She played the look so perfectly that she could have done some justice to it and help dust off my centerpieces. It's been a while anyway.


Kate Beckinsale Image source: thebosh.com
She's SUCH a tease in this look! I envy her, I really do. The thought of Kate in a Red Riding Hood avatar, knocking at one's doorstep and asking for some candy would get the menfolk in a tizzy, but that's such a hot look I might just try on next year!! On an aside, I guess I won't even be surprised if I see a bunch of Big Bad Wolves hunting Kate down.


Lydia Hearst Image source: images.askmen.com
Dressed up as a page six tabloid reporter, Lydia Hearst owns who she is: one of New York's most scandalous socialites. From tales of excessive partying, to high-fashion modeling, to "dating" uber hot men, she's essentially paying tribute to the tabloid that made her (in)famous. Oh dear, bad girls just have all the fun sometimes don't they?


Tyra Banks Image source: cdn.imnotobsessed.com
This makes me LOL! I mean what worse than taking a dig at your fellow celebrity! Tyra dressed up as Kim Kardashian, and I don't quite know if she was "inspired" by Kim's looks or plain horrified that she decided to Halloween it! From the hair to the dress, and even the expression, Tyra did it so well I almost thought this was Kim with a brilliant tan and a comparatively petite figure.


Katerina Graham Image source: seventeen.com
The Vampire Diaries girl dressed up as, well, a vampire! From looking super hot, fanged, with even a trickle of blood at the corner of her mouth, Kat did this look so well. I'm definitely going to do this in the future. And thank god she broke the stereotype of those pale, brooding, and oversexed vampire looks. Phew, relief!!


Christina Milian Image source: cdn.best.complex.com
This undead version of Marie Antoinette must have surely had a lot of propositions come her way after this appearance. Known for her highly promiscuous and excessive lifestyle, Marie Antoinette was totally controversial and became a figure in popular culture. Even though I felt the look wasn't that bang-on, Cristina still managed to pull it off, securing a position on my list!


Traci Bingham Image source: 2.bp.blogspot.com
Her look would make the men commit offence after offence, begging to be arrested. "Officer" Traci in her stockings, short skirt and asset-popping shirt would surely create a wave of misbehaviour and indiscipline. Thank god she isn't a cop in real life!!!!


Paris Hilton Image source: pynkcelebrity.com
Trust Ms. Hilton to totally redefine Dorothy from Oz's look: She tweaked it into a raunchy, snowy and chaotic fantasy version of the popular adventure tale. Oh, she even had a small pooch as arm-candy. I just wish Paris had been more animate and not been her usual boring pouty self. Regardless, I liked the outfit and the style!


Rihanna Image source: smartsexyrichcrazy.com
Rihanna came out clawing in this animal-print Tigress look. With a visible tattoo, brilliant make up, the outfit and that fierce attitude, she was out to kill! I have always loved how Rihanna changes it up, be it her looks for concerts, appearances or Halloween. Totally Grrrrrrrreat!


Lauren Conrad Image source: usmagazine.com
The reality TV poster girl turned into a sailor girl. As we all know, Lauren's a pro at spilling gossip, arguing with her man, and even belittling Spencer Pratt. And given all these things, I am pretty sure she can easily slip into the curse-like-a-sailor mentality, blending into the character of her outfit!!!


Alyssa Milano Image source: nypost.com
The Charmed star turned into a fairy girl at this particular Halloween event. Buzzing around in fluffy white, with wings and a corset, this fashionable fairy really got me loving her look! I'm SO gonna add this to my personal list, though I'd like a magic wand too!


Petra Nemcova Image source: jaazzsalons.com
According to me, the pre-requisites to be a modern day Cleopatra are: She must be exquisitely gorgeous, graceful, charming, and intelligent. Is Petra Nemcova deserving of such a title? A BIG yes from me!! Being a supermodel who makes men all over the world bow down to her, Petra channeled her inner Cleo and came out looking like a stunning diva! L.O.V.E


Alessandra Ambrosio Image source: goxini.com
A Playboy Bunny + Victoria's Secret Angel = Alessandra Ambrosio. The beautiful supermodel dressed up as a playboy bunny at a Halloween party, complete with long ears and a stubbed tail! I really wish she'd done something else with her hair though, like perhaps make it slicker and not let it fall all over the place, but either ways, she has my vote!!


Jessica Lowndes Image source: etonline.com
The 90210 star charged it up by dressing up as a football referee! Quite unusual methinks. But she rocked it with monochromatic stripes, lace, ribbons, tight shorts and blood red lip color!! The football teams out there should really take a cue from Jessica and use women as referees in all their future matches. Imagine the scores!!!


Christina Aguilera Image source: woonq.com
The Dirtyy singer in a sexy nurse's outfit seemed to have cruel intentions than to heal! Dressed in red with a white overcoat and killer heels, Christina was in a smoking hot avatar, completely making us lurrrve her look!


Kim Kardashian Image source: wanita.bf-1.com
Princess Jasmine just got way sexier! Totally embodying the character was Kim in powder blue with gold accents and hoops. However, she gave it a raunchier twist with plunging cuts and other such, umm, risque things.


Kendra Wilkinson Image source: showstalker.net
The reality star turned into a bubble pink cowgirl, with pigtails!! Checks and pink with tassles and those country style stars made her look quite nice and cute, a departure from her usual barely-there outfits.


Ashanti Image source: cosmopolitan.com
The singer took the sex kitten look to a new level, with a feline printed outfit, stockings and fake ears! I do think the look was rather fun and naughty to say the least, but I wish she'd do something more, perhaps install some whiskers?


Michelle Trachtenberg Image source: 24.media.tumblr.com
Michelle's immaculate white skin, red lips and that black hair totally transformed her into Snow White! I loved the outfit and the overall look. Looks like the seven dwarves won't get startled when they find this minxy maiden lying asleep in their crib!


Evan Rachel Wood Image source: cosmopolitan.com
Evan turned up as Magenta from The Rocky Horror Show and looked amazing! I might even use her as an inspiration this year. "It's so dreamy, oh fantasy free me...


Carmen Electra Image source: catwalkqueen.tv
Candy Girl Carmen looked fabulous! Is this how candy girls looked in the cinemas back in the day? Gloves, a sexy outfit, a stylish hat as well as a portable candy stand were what Carmen was all about. I for one thought she looked super sexy, and also served to be Eye-Candy for her admirers!


Blake Lively Image source: wonderday.ca
The Gossip Girl star changed it up and dressed up as a hot shot pilot in a mini dress!! Where do we even see that! Kudos to the unique idea though. I totally liked the dress and the lapels on the shoulders, and that cap totally iced it. Makes me wonder though, aren't pilots also associated with the "Mile High Club"? Hmm.


Heidi Klum Image source: fashionblog.am
Out of all of Heidi Klum's costumes, I love this the most! Why? Because I've never seen anyone go so all-out with their looks. Her originality is just amazing!!! Not to mention, her dedication to Halloween is unmatched. Come to think of it, this costume is perfect; she's got enough hands to grab loads of candy!!


Natalie Morales Image source: mtv.com
This one had me laugh so hard! Natalie took the Justin Bieber mania to another level. Dressing up as him in baggy clothes, mopped hair and teen spirit, Natalie did super-well!!! Impersonation never got any better!


Meredith Vieira Image source: instylefashion.us
My FAVORITE! I totally love Meredith's Lady Gaga look, with the Gaga blonde hair, the futuristic outfit and the bright energetic colors!! Halloween is all about going wacky and fun, and nobody else did it better than Meredith. And no, the fact that I totally heart Lady Gaga does not mean I was biased!!! :P

So these were 25 of my favorite celebrity halloween costumes. From cussing sailor girls to uber gorgeous candy girls, we have them all. Do you think there could have been anyone else who deserved a mention? Let me know!!

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Evan Rachel Wood didn't dress up as a gothic waitress; she dressed up as Magenta from Rocky Horror. How do you not know that? Really? Come on.

I think that the idea of dressing up like justin beiber was a great idea becaucse i am a big fan of justin bieber!!!!!! SO PEACE OUT !!!!!!!

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