25 Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings of All Time ...

A wedding is a fabulous affair in itself and when it comes to a celebrity wedding, you know that most of them will go that extra step to make sure that their wedding is remembered forever. Here are the 25 most expensive celebrity weddings that tinsel town has ever seen.

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Image source: farm5.static.flickr.com

Though I'm not exactly sure what the total cost for this wedding was, it was a lavish celebration! Taking place in the Opeca Castle, the wedding festivities included Jacob & Co wedding bands, a seven tiered cake, expensive earrings for the bridesmaids, and the list goes on! Jonas wore diamond cufflinks worth $15,000, tuxedo shirt studs worth $8,900, and a tie accent valued at $5,400! Bride wore a Vera Wang dress, and you know the cost of those beauties! And Kevin was thoughtful enough to buy darling Danielle glass slippers to wear at the castle!

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