8 World Famous Sports Teams ...


8 World Famous Sports Teams ...
8 World Famous Sports Teams ...

The world of team sports is highly exciting. Unlike solo sports, the performance of all the members of the team is of utmost importance. That is why when a team does exceedingly well, they break all barriers of fame and glory and all members of the team become legends. Here is a list of the 8 world famous sports teams.

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Manchester United, English Premier League

Manchester United is a professional English football club that participates in the Premier League. It has won 18 league titles, four league cups and a record 11 FA cups, making it the most successful English football team.


LA Lakers, NBA

The LA Lakers are a professional National Basketball Association (NBA) team from Los Angeles, California. They are currently the reigning NBA champions after winning the NBA 2010. Their 16 victories place them as the second ranking NBA team and they are also the second most valuable NBA franchise, according to Forbes.


Philadelphia Phillies, MLB

The Philadelphia Phillies are a Major League Baseball (MLB) team from Philadelphia. Starting from 1883, they are the oldest, one-name, one city team in MLB. They have won 2 World Championships, 7 National Leagues as well as a number of awards.


Pittsburg Steelers, NFL

The Pittsburg Steelers are a professional American Football team in National Football League (NFL) from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. They are the oldest AFC franchise. They have won more Super Bowls and more AFC Championship games than any other team in NFC or AFC.


Real Madrid, La Liga, Spain

Real Madrid Club de Futbol, is a professional football team based in Madrid, Spain. It is the most successful team in Spanish football and according to FIFA the most successful football club in the 20th century, apart from being one of the most famous sports teams in the world. They have won 31 La Liga titles, 17 Copa del Ray cups, 8 Spanish Super cups, a record 9 UEFA Champions League, 2 UEFA cups, 1 UEFA Super cup and 3 Intercontinental cups.


AC Milan, Italy

Associazione Calcio Milan, or AC Milan is a professional football club based in Milan, Lombardy, Italy and one of the most famous sports teams in the world. It has won 18 UEFA and FIFA international titles, a record 4 world titles, 7 European Cup/Championship Leagues, a record 5 UEFA Super cup and 2 Cup Winners’ Cup.


Boston Celtics, NBA

The Boston Celtics are a NBA team from Boston, Massachusetts. They have won 17 NBA championships, more than any other club. With 8 wins in a row, they have the longest consecutive championship streak of any North American professional sports team.


Arizona Cardinals, NFL

The Arizona Cardinals are a professional NFL team from Glendale, Arizona and the oldest continuously run professional football club in the US.

Listed above are 8 world famous sports teams based on some of the most popular team sports from around the world. These sports teams have reached professional heights that are not easy to imitate, but they serve as great examples to future players.

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