7 Amazing Adele's Love Songs ...


7 Amazing Adele's Love Songs ...
7 Amazing Adele's Love Songs ...

Adele's Love Songs are as emotionally wrought and gorgeous as she is, with depth and clarity and completely relate-able heart-break and/or sweetness. The music, her rich, sultry voice, the lyrics — every element of Adele's love songs work together to create wholly memorable and beautiful experience, whether you're dealing with heartache or feeling the love. If you aren't familiar with all of Adele's love songs, keep reading! Here are 7 of her most amazing tunes, all of which have to do with love found or lost, and everything in between.

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Someone like You


Poor Adele! You have to wonder who broke her heart... the idea of this song is similar to that of Alanis Morisette's «You Oughta Know,» but Adele is more wrenching, somehow. Her voice soars even while her little heart breaks.


Rolling in the Deep


This is really the first song that brought Adele to my attention. This is truly one of Adele's love songs we can all relate to. Haven't we all been in a relationship with a guy that was unworthy? This is HIS song, now.


Set Fire to the Rain


Gorgeous. If there's ever a movie about my life, this love song by Adele must be in it. I even love the title... it makes perfect sense, in a way... the lyrics are searing.


Turning Tables


You know that saying, that everything is fair in love and war? Well, apparently, Adele has been there, with a lover who keeps turning the tables... and perhaps she's done some table-turning herself? This is the one of Adele's love songs I think I can relate to the most. No more fighting!


Chasing Pavements


In this love song by Adele, I think she's telling us that love can be risky, but sometimes, it's worth it. You just have to ask yourself, and use your heart to find the answers, when you're not sure if your guy is the one, or just another one.


Cold Shoulder


Ah, here's another undeserving man appearing in one of Adele's love songs, or is it perhaps the same man, the same ex? Only Adele herself knows... and perhaps the guy, whoever he is. She's no fool. Not anymore, anyway!


Hometown Glory


This is a love song by Adele that isn't about a man. It's about home, the place we come from, and how you really can't go back, and expect it to be the same as when you left. Everything changes, everything stays the same... but it's okay.

How many of these love songs by Adele do you already have on your playlist, and which are you adding now? Aren't they all gorgeous? She has such an amazing voice! What other Adele songs do you know and love? Please share!

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don't you remember is my personal favourite

I think you definitely left out One and Only!! That is my favorite Adele love song!

Aside from "Cold Shoulder", this is pretty much just a list of her singles...

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