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There are so many cool and relatable quotes from Blake Lively. This Gossip Girl alum has moved on to do big things like marrying Ryan Reynolds, starring in major movie roles, launching her first lifestyle blog and recently, announcing her first pregnancy. It's obvious that she's grown over the years and has become a strong, independent woman. Here are some of the quotes from Blake Lively that'll make you love her!

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Dressing for Yourself

Dressing for Yourself A lot of people fail to realize that when a woman puts on makeup or a tight dress, it's not for you. It's for them. It's what makes them feel happy and confident and that's what matters. Whether you're all glammed up or in sweatpants, nobody should ever bother you about what you're wearing. "It's empowering to wear what you're comfortable in, rather than look for validation from other people, which you're never really going to get," says Blake. This is just one of the many cool quotes from Blake Lively.



Self-growth I love this quote because it's something everybody should hope for. If you're constantly changing, you're constantly growing and evolving as a person. It's important to want to keep wanting to become a better version of yourself. If you were the same person with the same hopes and dreams all your life, there's something wrong. That'd mean you haven't achieved your goals yet. Once you have, your perspective changes and your dreams and goals get bigger.



Partnership Don't ever be someone just for the sake of not being alone. Your significant other should be your partner, in all aspects of the word. Your partner should be inspiring you to dream bigger and be your number one fan whenever you need love and support. If they're not offering you that, what's the point in being in a relationship?


Making Your Own Path

Making Your Own Path It's awesome to have role models and inspirations but you shouldn't be basing your life decisions on them and what they do. You shouldn't want anybody's life because you should be too busy living out your own. Make your own mistakes, learn your own lessons, and make your own history. I think this quote definitely makes a lot of people stop and reevaluate their lives.


Body Image

Body Image Blake is a big believer in positive body image. While she always looked fabulous on Gossip Girl, it's important to know that she doesn't always look like that. She does, however, take care of her body. Your concern should be about being healthy, not being skinny.

Famous Quotes

To give oneself earnestly to the duties due to men, and, while respecting spiritual beings, to keep aloof from them, may be called wisdom.


Social Media

Social Media For a (very) long time, Blake wasn't on any social media networks. Don't ask me how that's even possible. Anyway, I think a lot of social media-obsessed people can take a few notes from Blake and learn to step away sometimes. If you think you're posting a bit too much, you probably are!


Losing Yourself

Losing Yourself Let's be real, no one ever has it "all together" 100% of the time. A lot of people spend their whole lives trying to find themselves and their purpose. It's weird how trying to find yourself can make you feel lost, right? Well, like Blake said, it's hard to come back from that, but it's not impossible. Finding yourself comes from accepting and loving yourself!

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of many awesome quotes from Gossip Girl alum, Blake Lively. Which of these is your favorite? Which could you relate to the most?

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Blake's awesome!

Love these quotes!!

Was expecting some pretentious wordy crap there but she seems really nice.

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