7 Best Celebrity Instagram Accounts to Get You Moving ...

Some of my favourite celebrity Instagram accounts are the ones that show my favourite stars working out and staying healthy. It’s motivating to see them running, working out, staying healthy, and looking like they’re having a blast doing it! In a social media world where a picture of a celebrity tweeting about something random will get thousands of likes and follows, promoting a healthy lifestyle is definitely something we can all get on board with! So here are the 7 best celebrity Instagram accounts to get you moving!

1. Lea Michele

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Instagram: @msleamichele

Hands down, one of the most inspiring celebrity Instagram accounts is Lea Michele’s. In light of all the incredible hardships she’s faced in the past year, she has gamely turned to her friends, family, and staying active and healthy to help her heal. Don’t be fooled by pictures of the gorgeous brunette soaking up the sun in Mexico – take a look at this girl's body and how she takes in every moment with her friends as a gift. That’s what makes her an awesome girl to follow.

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