7 Best Ed Sheeran Lyrics ...


Although I am obsessed with all of his songs, some of the best Ed Sheeran lyrics are the reason Ed Sheeran is my obsession of the year. His music can be dreamy and romantic or aggressive and more similar to hip-hop. Either way, his music is filled with some of the best lyrics I have ever heard. Let me share my opinion of the best Ed Sheeran lyrics with you.

1. “and I Don’t Get Waves of Missing You Anymore, They’re More like Tsunami Tides in My Eyes.” – U.N.I


Being some of the best Ed Sheeran lyrics, this is a great example of why I love him so much. He can turn something as simple as missing someone and make it so much more. His descriptive lyrics create a movie in your mind. And because these descriptions are so vivid, you really understand the feelings he is conveying in his music.

"Maybe Tonight I’ll Call Ya after My Blood Turns into Alcohol.” – Give Me Love
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