7 Best Ed Sheeran Lyrics ...

By Kelly

7 Best Ed Sheeran Lyrics ...

Although I am obsessed with all of his songs, some of the best Ed Sheeran lyrics are the reason Ed Sheeran is my obsession of the year. His music can be dreamy and romantic or aggressive and more similar to hip-hop. Either way, his music is filled with some of the best lyrics I have ever heard. Let me share my opinion of the best Ed Sheeran lyrics with you.

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  1. “and i don’t get waves of missing you anymore, they’re more like tsunami tides in my eyes.” – u.n.i
  2. "maybe tonight i’ll call ya after my blood turns into alcohol.” – give me love
  3. “i’m gonna pick up the pieces and build a lego house, if things go wrong we can knock it down.” – lego house
  4. “can’t rely on my heart to beat in, 'cos you take parts of it every evening.” – drunk
  5. “and they say she’s in the class a team, stuck in her daydream, been this way since 18.” – the a team
  6. “i’m falling for your eyes but they don’t know me yet, and with a feeling i’ll forget, i’m in love now.” – kiss me
  7. “they say i’m up-and-coming like i’m f******* in an elevator.” – you need me i don’t need you

1 “and I Don’t Get Waves of Missing You Anymore, They’re More like Tsunami Tides in My Eyes.” – U.N.I


Being some of the best Ed Sheeran lyrics, this is a great example of why I love him so much. He can turn something as simple as missing someone and make it so much more. His descriptive lyrics create a movie in your mind. And because these descriptions are so vivid, you really understand the feelings he is conveying in his music.

2 "Maybe Tonight I’ll Call Ya after My Blood Turns into Alcohol.” – Give Me Love


We’ve all had that night where the alcohol in us takes over and next thing we know, we are calling our ex-boyfriends. One of the best Ed Sheeran songs takes that simple act and makes it romantic. In his song “Give Me Love,” Sheeran describes his desire for love from a girl. This lyric describes how alcohol gives him the courage he lacks to call that girl. While I am not saying it is always romantic to call an ex after a few cocktails, Sheeran masters the art of the drunk dial through his song lyrics.

3 “I’m Gonna Pick up the Pieces and Build a Lego House, if Things Go Wrong We Can Knock It down.” – Lego House


This is one of my favorite lyric stanzas because it puts the feeling of wanting to rebuild a relationship into perfect words. The hope you want to feel when things fall apart and the optimism that, if things fall apart, it’s not the end of the world. Sheeran captures all of these emotions in just two sentences. He makes something as simple as a Lego house into an analogy for the range of emotions you can feel in a relationship.

4 “Can’t Rely on My Heart to Beat in, 'Cos You Take Parts of It Every Evening.” – Drunk


In his song “Drunk,” Sheeran sings about his desire to numb the feelings of a failed relationship through drinking (are we seeing a pattern with Ed Sheeran and songs about drinking?). This lyric describes Sheeran’s inability to overcome his broken heart because he is still in love with this girl. He cannot mend his broken heart because wherever she goes, she has his heart with her. I love the way Sheeran does not rely on the cliché line of “my heart belongs to you,” but rather puts a spin on it and makes it a bit more interesting and descriptive.

5 “and They Say She’s in the Class a Team, Stuck in Her Daydream, Been This Way since 18.” – the a Team


In what is probably his most popular song, Ed Sheeran sings about a girl who is not in touch with herself and lives in a shallow and detached world of her own. These are some of the best Ed Sheeran lyrics because they speak to all of those girls who think they need to dress or act a certain way to be accepted. They speak to those girls who think that appearances equal acceptance. Sheeran uses this lyric to explain how this way of life is just a daydream. Being in the popular crowd is not the most important thing. I think this is why “The A Team” has become such a popular song. Because so many girls want to know that conformity is not the most important thing in their lives.

6 “I’m Falling for Your Eyes but They Don’t Know Me Yet, and with a Feeling I’ll Forget, I’m in Love Now.” – Kiss Me


One of the best Ed Sheeran songs has one of the best Ed Sheeran lyrics. This line is one of my favorites because it describes his love for a girl he doesn’t even know. As a believer in love at first sight, this line really speaks to me. As Sheeran looks into the eyes of a girl, he immediately is overcome with a feeling of love. Although that love may not last, Sheeran makes the most of this feeling and wants the girl of his dreams to kiss him.

7 “They Say I’m up-and-Coming like I’m F******* in an Elevator.” – You Need Me I Don’t Need You


So this is not the most appropriate lyric, but it is still one of the best Ed Sheeran lines. When I first heard this line, I was so shocked that the singer who sang about love and romance could come up with something so aggressive, and I love it. Although it’s not his most descriptive or meaningful lyric, I still think it might be one of his best.

Are you an Ed Sheeran fan? Do you think these are some of the best Ed Sheeran lyrics? What are some of your favorite Ed Sheeran lines? Do you like his slow or more upbeat music better?

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