7 Best Fan Vidders on YouTube ...

By Leeann

7 Best Fan Vidders on YouTube ...

I honestly can’t believe YouTube has been with us for less than 10 years, because where else would I have found all my favourite fan vidders? Fan vidders are those lovely talented people who put our favourite shows, movies, couples, and moments into the coolest video montage ever. In other words, fan vidders feed our unhealthy obsessions with things, but we love them so for doing it! So here are the 7 Best Fan Vidders on YouTube!

1 Luckybiatch

This vidder has over 12,500 subscribers, so that is a promising sign all on its own. I love her video style; it’s fun, fresh, and in your face awesome. It was through watching her videos that I even realized that fan vidders exist! Plus, she’s one of those vidders that actually responds to comments if you feel the need to write something and tell her just how awesome her video is! She’s a fan of Gossip Girl, Nikita, Grey’s Anatomy and White Collar - go nuts.

2 Dazzleme7

Welcome to the big leagues of fan vidders. This girl has 25k + subscribers, and her Harry Potter fan vid went completely viral it has this many views: 1,429,736, that’s a LOT. Chances are you’ve probably seen this video, and at one point there was even a petition going around to see if they could play this video at the end of Deathly Hallows Part 2. It’s that crazy. But she is incredibly talented and always puts together the most emotionally striking videos, you’ll fall in love, I guarantee it!

3 Bumcrackmosh182

Yes, the name is a tad bit odd, but don’t let that fool you. Sitting pretty with 13k + followers, her video edits are just lovely. The perfect voice overs, the best moments captured between your favourite fictional characters, she also as the best song choices ever and has gotten me to listen to so much more new music! That’s what the best fan vidders do, they put together the perfect videos to tug at your heartstrings or make you laugh and dance, then you end up going on a marathon of that movie or show. Plus, she has the best Chandler and Monica videos, and that makes me very happy.

4 UntilKingdomComeOTH

Let me start off my saying that she created such beautiful videos that the creator and actors on one of the shows she made a video for tweeted her, and told her just how perfectly she captured the relationship of 2 of the main characters. That’s right, that’s how awesome she is. As fan vidders go, it was through watching her videos that made me start watching Nikita, and it was that same show that got tweeted out. Imagine just going along with your business, making a fan vid, then the person you’re making that video about out in the celebrity universe finds it, watches it, then tweets it! AMAZING!

5 LoveSucksManiac

It’s one thing to be one of those fan vidders who everyone loves because they watch the show or movies that you’re making a video about. It’s quite another when you watch the videos with no knowledge of who the characters are, or what the story line is, and somehow they still manage to strike a chord with you. That’s exactly how I feel about this fan vidder. I have no idea who Hook and Emma are, or really what show they come from, but her videos make me a little more curious each day.

6 Naphie88

If you’re looking for a way to feed your Vampire Diaries obsession, then go to this vidder’s channel. It amazes me how fan vidders can put all your emotions into a video with some clips and great music. That’s exactly what you’re looking for half the time, a way to express your thoughts and feelings. Even if it’s about a fictional couple in the land of the CW where vampires are gorgeous and ex-lovers have evil twins. This girl specializes in making the best TVD videos, more than 10 thousand YouTube users agree!

7 My Konstantine

I subscribed to her channel because she made the best fan video I’ve ever seen of The O.C., and I was obsessed with that show all the time it was on air! Then I started to browse around and before I knew it, I had practically ended up watching every single one of her videos. A fan vidders main objective I think is to be able to make a video of their favourite couple, or storyline, and express just how they feel about it. If it satisfied them as fan vidders, then it is bound to satisfy the legions of loyal followers who love the same people. This girl does all that just perfectly!

Funnily enough, as I write this article I’m also looking through all my favourite fan vidders and going through all my favourite videos! It’s like watching movie trailers sometimes, you just get caught up in it and you can’t stop! It’s addictive, it’s fun, and it’s a nice little break from the chaos that is life sometimes. So tell me, who are some of your favourite fan vidders out there?

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