7 Best Fan Vidders on YouTube ...

I honestly can’t believe YouTube has been with us for less than 10 years, because where else would I have found all my favourite fan vidders? Fan vidders are those lovely talented people who put our favourite shows, movies, couples, and moments into the coolest video montage ever. In other words, fan vidders feed our unhealthy obsessions with things, but we love them so for doing it! So here are the 7 Best Fan Vidders on YouTube!

1. Luckybiatch

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This vidder has over 12,500 subscribers, so that is a promising sign all on its own. I love her video style; it’s fun, fresh, and in your face awesome. It was through watching her videos that I even realized that fan vidders exist! Plus, she’s one of those vidders that actually responds to comments if you feel the need to write something and tell her just how awesome her video is! She’s a fan of Gossip Girl, Nikita, Grey’s Anatomy and White Collar - go nuts.

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