7 Best Magicians Who Will Boggle Your Mind ...

If you enjoy watching people perform tricks by using a combination of magic, illusion and sleight of hand, then you will love this list of best magicians who will boggle your mind. I have always been interested in magic tricks and am often left baffled and bemused and thinking "how on earth did they do that?" sometimes mixing an expletive in there for good measure if I'm really shocked. And while part of me wants to know exactly how they executed the trick, the other half just doesn't want to spoil the magic. Here are some of the best magicians who will amuse and bemuse respectively and make your head hurt a little.

1. Dynamo

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If you haven't heard of this guy yet then get thee to YouTube and have a look because he is truly amazing. This Bradford born magician has achieved global success and notoriety with his fabulous performances, ranging from walking down the side of a building, seemingly without aid, levitating himself off the ground whilst standing in front of the famous Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro and walking on water. I know, it's all just an illusion and unless he is the Messiah himself, he has obviously been helped somehow, but it's still incredibly entertaining stuff and has the capacity to make my head hurt a little. He is, in my mind, one of the best magicians.

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