7 Best TV Couples to Model Your Relationships after ...


7 Best TV Couples to Model Your Relationships after ...
7 Best TV Couples to Model Your Relationships after ...

The best TV couples are adored for a reason. We think they’re cute because they’re what we’re searching for ourselves. Who wouldn’t want an adorable office romance or to marry the boy you grew up with? Although there are dozens of relationships that are worthy of jealousy, here are a handful of the best TV couples.

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Lily and Marshall

Lily and Marshall These college sweethearts from How I Met Your Mother are the definition of precious. They tell each another everything, have cute nicknames (Lily Pad and Marshmallow), and are able to make it through tough circumstances. In season one, they break off their engagement so that Lily can pursue her dream of becoming an artist, but the two eventually reunite. They’ve been together for such a long time that they’re unable to stand being apart. One of the best TV couples to consider as role models are Lily and Marshall, simply because their love is so pure and unbreakable.


Cory and Topanga

Cory and Topanga Wouldn’t it be nice if the love of your life was one of your childhood friends? On Boy Meets World, Cory and Topanga grow up together and can’t help but fall in love. They go through rough patches like any couple does, but she ends up proposing at their high school graduation ceremony. They go on to get married and attend the same college where they dorm together. This couple has some of the most adorable moments, from their luxurious wedding to every little interaction.


Ross and Rachel

Ross and Rachel He loved her since high school, but she didn’t notice him until a decade later. Ross and Rachel have a strong friendship, sexual chemistry, and even share a daughter. Everyone on the show and in the audience knew that the two were destined to end up together. The pair experimented with different relationships, but ultimately realized that they belonged together. Whether or not they were on a break, this couple shows that love can take years to blossom.


Nick and Jess

Nick and Jess Have you ever had a crush on one of your pals? This soon to be official couple shows that it’s possible for friendships to become so much more. Nick is a downer and Jess is full of sunshine, but their differences bring out the best in each other. Their sexual chemistry is off the charts and will make you want to scream at your television for them to kiss. If you’re worried about a friendship getting ruined because you’ve developed feelings for them, just look at Nick and Jess. Maybe the feelings will mess things up, but maybe they could be the start of an amazing adventure.


Jim and Pam

Jim and Pam Imagine going to your boring job, doing the same work day after day after day. Now imagine getting a seat with a view of the cutest guy in the office, one who has a giant crush on you. Sounds heavenly, right? Jim and Pam shared adorable moments from the very first episode of The Office, even though she was engaged to her then boyfriend. Of course, the nice guy doesn’t finish last in this situation. Jim and Pam end up together and live a life that anyone would be jealous of.


Sawyer and Juliet

Sawyer and Juliet While I loved Jack and Kate and found Charlie and Claire adorable, Sawyer and Juliet are my favorite couple of all time. They both had to deal with being the second choice in the past, something that many people can relate to. Their personalities don’t change completely when they’re around each other, but they become much friendlier and act genuinely happy. Two people who have gone through so much pain deserve to find happiness, and James and Juliet found it with each other. Their relationship shows that you don’t have to like each other in the beginning in order to love each other in the end.


Homer and Marge

Homer and Marge Just because they’re cartoons doesn’t mean that they’re a bad couple. Marge loves Homer so much that she’s able to put up with all his antics and hundreds of mistakes. Whenever he screws up, he makes it up to her and she forgives him. They may argue from time to time, but there are moments where you can see how strong their love is. So why not take advice from The Simpsons and try to realize that your man isn’t perfect?

If you’re lucky, you might have a love story just as great as those couples listed above. Do you love any of these couples as much as I do? Who’s your favorite TV couple of all time?

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Ross and Rachel what a awesome couple I love if my relationship was like that I wish

Damon and Elena from Vampire diaries and Michael and Sara from prison break

Rose and Ten!!! From Doctor Who

Derek and Meredith!

Michael Scofield and Sarah

Cliff and Clair Huxtable from the Cosby show.

chuck and Blair. they may not be model worthy but definitely the best tv couple

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