7 Best TV Couples to Model Your Relationships after ...

The best TV couples are adored for a reason. We think they’re cute because they’re what we’re searching for ourselves. Who wouldn’t want an adorable office romance or to marry the boy you grew up with? Although there are dozens of relationships that are worthy of jealousy, here are a handful of the best TV couples.

1. Lily and Marshall

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These college sweethearts from How I Met Your Mother are the definition of precious. They tell each another everything, have cute nicknames (Lily Pad and Marshmallow), and are able to make it through tough circumstances. In season one, they break off their engagement so that Lily can pursue her dream of becoming an artist, but the two eventually reunite. They’ve been together for such a long time that they’re unable to stand being apart. One of the best TV couples to consider as role models are Lily and Marshall, simply because their love is so pure and unbreakable.

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