10 Big Celebrity News of 2011 ...


10 Big Celebrity News of 2011 ...
10 Big Celebrity News of 2011 ...

Celebrity News 2011 was all about marriages, divorces, hook ups, breakups, and all kinds of scandals. With the year so recently ended, lots of outlets are putting together celebrity news 2011 lists, and my, are they just scandalous! Of course the scandals always draw more interest than the good news, but I'm going to try to put together a mix of both. After all, you have to be glad when good things happen to your favorite celebs. So sit back, try not to be drinking anything, and take a look at my celebrity news 2011 list of the good, the bad, and the ugly!

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William + Kate = Forever

My first piece of celebrity news of 2011 is happy: the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton! It was nice to see this happen. Their love story was so widely regarded and fraught with perils. It was lovely to see these two work things out and get together. Their wedding was beautiful, Kate instantly became a style icon, and so far, everything looks happy on the marriage front, so congrats to them!


Amy Winehouse Dies

This was one of the year's biggest tragedies, although a lot of people still saw the writing on the wall. It's sad when someone so talented dies so young, especially when their descent has basically been fodder for gossip sites. Amy Winehouse rose quickly to the top but sank just as fast, and whether you liked her or not, it's sad that she came to such an end.


The Kardashian Fiasco

Ugh. Unless it involves Khloe, honestly, I am so over the Kardashians – and that's only because the girl works her curves. However, if only in light of the fact of marriage inequality, this whole debacle still blows my mind and leaves me shaking my head. What's worse is the aftermath, which is still going on: the backbiting, the publicity stunts, and the fact that Kim is spinning things her way on her new show. If anything, the whole relationship and marriage seems like one big story arc.


Beyonce Announces Her Bump

I know this doesn't really seem like celebrity news, since women get pregnant all the time, whether they're pregnant or not. But here's my take on why celeb watchers everywhere were excited by this: for one thing, Beyonce has always kept her personal life pretty private, so it was nice to see her announcing this (in spite of all the current speculation regarding her bump); she and Jay-Z have been together for a really long time, so it's sweet; and in Hollywood time, they've been married an age. I think they both seem like they'll make really good parents, so yay for them!


Justin Bieber is a Babydaddy

How is this going to play out? And why does it make the list of celebrity news of 2011? The answer to that, of course, is Bieber's overwhelming fame and his squeaky clean image. I think Mariah Yeater is going to get more than she bargained for, especially since, you know, it's already happening. This isn't the first paternity suit in Hollywood, of course, but it's one of the funniest.


Charlie Sheen Goes Crazy

This was just … it was so much fun. I'm kind of sorry the crazy train has derailed, because Charlie was remarkably funny during those few months. It's a shame that whole comedy show thing tanked. I wonder if he cast a curse on Ashton Kutcher, causing Two and a Half Men to kind of begin to suck and Ashton's relationship with Demi to end. (By the way, I mention that here so I don't have to describe it as “big news,” since it really wasn't.)


RIP Liz Taylor

This was sad as well, and notable on any list of celebrity news of 2011. Yes, beautiful Elizabeth Taylor was 79 years old, but it was still sad to see her go. In the last few decades, especially, her charity work was just phenomenal. Those violet eyes will always be missed.


Paul McCartney Gets Married Again

I had to decide between mentioning this, Jennifer Aniston's relationship with Justin Theroux, or Reese Witherspoon's marriage. I decided on this because Paul McCartney is more legitimately famous than either woman, and it's slightly more interesting after the Heather Mills debacle. That's especially since, in this case, it was remarkably low key, and I haven't seen any tabloids plastered with Macca's face announcing that his new wife is pregnant or adopting or buying an alien baby from Mars or something. Ahem, Jennifer.


Russell Armstrong Dies

Actually, Russell Armstrong committed suicide. As a reality star – or, rather, the husband of a reality star – I don't know if this classifies as a piece of celebrity news of 2011, but here's the thing. The fact that the show went on afterward, and in spite of any allegations, the man is basically allowed to be vilified without any recourse – I don't know, that's sad. And you have to wonder how it's going to change things in terms of what TV networks will show. I mean, after that guy on Megan Wants a Millionnaire committed murder and then killed himself, they cut any show he'd appeared in, so where's the line, exactly?


Arnold Schwarzenegger Totally Cheated

This is newsworthy because Arnold was married to Maria Shriver. You know, member of the Kennedy family. The man cheated and not only got caught in a massive wave, but was also revealed to have a love child. That just sucks all over the place. Maria has kept it completely classy, though.

Celebrity news 2011: like I said, some of it was good, some of it was bad, and some of it was downright ugly. While most celebrity news 2011 lists just incorporate the bad and the ugly, I think it's important to celebrate the triumphs and mourn the tragedies as well. It's not just about who broke up, who acted a fool, and who went to jail, after all. What other items would you like to see on the celebrity news 2011 edition?

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Amy Winehouse seemed like a really good person, kind and outgoing, outrageous and fun and very, very talented with addictions and relationship problems. I loved her music and style and was very saddened by her death. She did not deserve all the awful things people were saying about her in the tabloids and online, people go too far and it becomes harassment, cyber bullying, abuse, stalking. RIP Amy, I hope you are happy somewhere, still singing.

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