10 Celebrities You Shouldn't Take Love Advice from ...


10 Celebrities You Shouldn't Take Love Advice from ...
10 Celebrities You Shouldn't Take Love Advice from ...

There are some celebrities you shouldn’t fancy for their bad choices in love. We love to get inspiration for fashion and beauty from our favorite celebs, but there are some bad celebrity influences out there. Sure, it’s fun to hear the juicy details of the latest celeb love tragedy but with more celebrity scandals and breakups than there are lasting relationships. Take note of what they’re doing wrong and learn from their mistakes! Celebrity relationships can represent the worst of the worst, after all -- just take a look!

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Kim Kardashian

I adore her style, but she doesn’t make the best choices when it comes to love. She recently ended marriage number two and rumor has it that she was the reason behind Kanye West and Amber Rose’s split as well as hooking up Kobe Bryant with her friend while he was still married. Tsk tsk! Lately she's been described as one of the biggest bad celebrity influences.


Flavor Flav

I used to love watching Flavor of Love; it was a great mix of comedy and tragedy. Anyhow, Flavor Flav one of the best examples of celebrities you shouldn’t fancy. Why? Well, previously, Flav had 7 children while he was searching for love and then found love with Bridgette Nielson only to have another baby with a previous baby’s mother and now has 10 children. Phew, did you get all that?


Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

The entire Jersey Shore cast could be on this list, but I wouldn’t do that to you. Partygirl Snooki has a long-term boyfriend Jionni who can be seen on several episodes. However, Snooki didn’t waste much time smushing housemate Vinny as well as flashing her V at a club. She’s a celebrity I shouldn’t fancy but I do, it’s so much fun to watch her!


Hugh Hefner

Sure, he’s an icon and hero to many men, but he’s definitely a celebrity you shouldn’t fancy. I understand when man is rich and charming and women flock to him, but in the real world, having more than one girlfriend and wearing silk pajamas all the time doesn’t cut it.


Sienna Miller

She’s gorgeous and a good actress but you shouldn’t fancy this celebrity or her past love life. She was once engaged to Jude Law, she’s had her share of men since then and has made headlines with her bed-hopping ways. Currently, she’s dating actor Tom Sturridge and is pregnant with her first baby but I still wouldn’t take any love advice from her!


Jesse James

I definitely do not fancy this guy; he's been in one of the worst celebrity relationships to date. He cheats on his then-wife Sandra Bullock and then gets engaged to Kat Von D and cheats on her too?! This guy is the quintessential bad boy that mama warned you about and definitely not one to take relationship advice from.


Lindsay Lohan

It’s no surprise that LL made the list of celebrities you shouldn't fancy, right? She’s had quite a tumultuous love life from dating various men to a rocky relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson. She makes a lot of questionable decisions with her life let alone her love life so whatever she does, do the opposite!


Donald Trump

The Donald is another smart businessman who could surely dole out some great advice for surviving the corporate world but when it comes to love advice, he’s fired! The Donald has been married three times and has five children. He was reported saying that his current wife model Melania Knauss-Trump knows better than to bother him with the baby. Care to add rude and callous to your list of accomplishments?


Any of the Teen Moms on MTV

Okay, so they might not exactly be celebrities, but they are on TV and many people know who they are. Being a teen mom is very difficult, but that doesn’t excuse violence towards your boyfriend or family members or cheating on boyfriends. Can MTV hook these girls up with VH1’s Charm School?


Chris Brown

We all know what happened with him and Rihanna and if that weren’t bad enough; he has been dating aspiring model, Karrueche Tran while secretly hooking up with Rihanna on the side for over a year! WTF, right?! You sir, are a piece of work and is most definitely a celebrity who shouldn’t be fancied.

Celebrities can be great entertainment but just because they are famous does not mean they are perfect. They are plenty of celebrities you shouldn’t fancy due to their terrible choices in life and love. Who is your favorite bad celebrity influence, which celebrity train-wreck do you love most?

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