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Chris Brown's Pre-VMAs Party Got Dangerous ...

By Lyndsie

The lead-up to the VMAs is always exciting. You get teasers about the performances, backup performers get bitten by snakes (looking at you, Miss Minaj), and there are tons of pre-show parties where the best of the best rub elbows. At Chris Brown's party, which took place over the weekend, things got even more serious than snakebites, especially for infamous rap mogul Suge Knight.

Suge was shot six times, which of course led to serious injuries. Although witnesses say he walked out on his own, he went to the hospital immediately. There, doctors performed emergency surgery. Reports state that he's now in the ICU, where he's recovering. Suge was not the only person shot, either. At least two other victims were shot as well. Suge and the other two were not supposed to be the targets, allege most sources. In fact, it's believed that Chris Brown was one intended target, and Justin Bieber may have been another. The suspect is still unknown at this time.

It's scary that there were any “targets,” and scary that three people got shot. There were so many high profile celebs at this party, and any one of them could have been mistakenly shot. The Jenner sisters were there, along with of the Black Eyed Peas, Robert Ri'chard, and Tyson Beckford.

What do you think about the fiasco? I'm just appalled. Violence is never an answer, especially when you're firing shots into a crowded club filled with completely innocent bystanders.


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