9 Craziest Miley Cyrus Moments That Never Cease to Amuse Us ...


9 Craziest Miley Cyrus Moments That Never Cease to Amuse Us ...
9 Craziest Miley Cyrus Moments That Never Cease to Amuse Us ...

It’s no news to anyone that the craziest Miley Cyrus moments have left most of this country shocked with our jaw dropped. She started out as the adorable and loveable Hannah Montana, and we were so hopeful that she would be a good role model to her fans. And then things started going downhill as she became more and more popular. But I don’t think anyone would have guessed she would end up where she is now. No matter if you love or hate her, you can’t deny that these are some of the craziest Miley Cyrus moments that never cease to amuse us.

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The VMA Performance

The VMA Performance What else could I start with for the craziest Miley Cyrus moments than her insane VMA performance? From giant bears, to midgets, to grinding on a foam finger with Robin Thicke, Miley sure shocked people with this performance. With her tongue hanging out for the entire performance and her tendency to twerk all the time, this was definitely one performance that people will be talking about for a while.


The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards spectacle wasn't just a fleeting instance of rebellion; it marked an era-defining moment for Miley Cyrus as she shed her Disney persona. Her energetic antics on stage, complemented with a risqué outfit that barely left anything to the imagination, truly set the internet ablaze. Debates raged about sexuality and performance art, while YouTube replay counters went into overdrive. Love it or loathe it, Miley's brazen display epitomized the pop culture shock factor that has kept her in the spotlight ever since.


Vanity Fair Cover

Vanity Fair Cover Looking back, this might not be one of the craziest Miley Cyrus moments but considering she was only 15 during this photo shoot, it can be deemed pretty risqué. She appears almost entirely naked in the photo shoot and some people complain that it was way too sexual for her main audience. She was still famous for being Hannah Montana and it seemed widely inappropriate for her millions of pre-teen fans to see her in such a scandalous photo.


Smoking Caught on Tape

Smoking Caught on Tape Who could forget when Miley was caught smoking out of a bong on video? While it seemed that she was smoking marijuana, she claims that it was a legal herb called salvia. I don’t know how much better salvia is when compared to marijuana because salvia has been known to make people hallucinate. Even though she apologized later, it is still a pretty crazy moment from her past.


The bong incident rapidly went viral, thrusting Miley into the midst of another controversy. Fans and critics alike were taken aback, as the Disney star they once knew was shrouded in swirling smoke, revealing a wilder side. Though Miley's brush with salvia - a mind-altering plant that's not illegal federally - might offer her some legal shelter, it didn't stop the relentless media scrutiny. Her experimental phase seemed to signal a defiant departure from her squeaky-clean image, even as she navigated the choppy waters of public opinion with her trademark blend of nonchalance and gusto.


Self-proclaimed Stoner

Self-proclaimed Stoner Only a few months after she was caught smoking, a video was leaked of Miley at her 19th birthday party calling herself a “stoner”. Her friends had given her a cake in the shape of Bob Marley. In response to seeing it, she was caught saying, “you know you’re a stoner when friends make you a Bob Marley cake…you know you smoke way to much f****** weed.” As if the cursing wasn’t enough, Miley openly admitted to a huge crowd that she smokes marijuana on a more than regular basis.


Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut I know my jaw dropped when I saw her new haircut. Miley had been known for incredible long brown hair since her Hannah Montana days. It shocked everyone when she chopped it all off into a buzz cut and dyed it bleach blonde. She claimed it was liberating and represented who she actually wanted to be. Ever since then, she has been shocking people with her daring new personality and performances.


Wrecking Ball Music Video

Wrecking Ball Music Video Some people think that the “We Can’t Stop” music video was crazy, but I personally think the “Wrecking Ball” music was even more scandalous. Not only did she lick a sledgehammer in a sexual manner, she spent half the music video naked on a wrecking ball. The other half of the video, she spent lying around a construction site in lingerie.


Mocking Asians

Mocking Asians This was not the most publicly scrutinized craziest Miley Cyrus moment, but it is still pretty scandalous. Miley was caught taking in a picture with a group of her friends making "slanty eyes", apparently to mock Asians. She said she was just making a joke with her friends, but that does not dismiss the fact that she was imitating a race in a wholly inappropriate way.


“Dancing with Molly”

“Dancing with Molly” Many people thought that the lyric in the chorus to “We Can’t Stop” was “dancing with Miley,” but apparently that was not the case. In an interview, Miley announced that the lyric was actually a reference to Molly. For those of you who don’t know, Molly is another name for a refined version of Ecstasy. It has become a more and more common drug, especially among college students. The fact that she would openly reference drug use, especially when she still has such a wide audience of pre-teens, seems a bit too crazy for my taste.


Leaked Shower Photos

Leaked Shower Photos Back in the day when Miley was still known as the good, sweet little girl from Hannah Montana, she outraged fans when photos of her in a shower were leaked. She had been standing in a shower in nothing but a white t-shirt. The photos were originally meant for her boyfriend at the time, Nick Jonas. Fans and mothers of her pre-teen fans alike were shocked that such a wholesome role model had such a controversy surround her.

Whether she is twerking on stage or taking scandalous pictures, Miley has always been pushing the envelope and shocking the public. What did you think of these craziest Miley Cyrus moments? What are some other crazy moments from Miley? Do you like Miley for being unique or do you think she is a bad role model?

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You are so right i totally agree with her selfie disaster !

Why everyone being that mean to Miley?Even she is doing something that make you don't agree, but this is Miley. She never change ,her life should be herself don't need us to say what she have to do....right?


It's also important to remember that all celebs have flaws. We all do. We just hear about their flaws because they're famous. I don't like to judge celebs if I don't know them personally.

Pics plz??

Miley also admitted that she likes the attention she's been getting because of these acts. It's best to leave it alone.

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