9 Annoying Things Celebrities do ...


We love hearing about the latest celebrity hookups and breakups, getting some style inspiration and trying out their latest workouts but I’d like to call attention to some of the annoying things celebrities do. That’s right, celebrities are guilty of doing some pretty irritating things and although I love celebrities as much as the next woman, I have to call them out on some of their annoying behaviors!

1. Absolutely Fabulous

This has to be one of my top celebrity pet peeves-celebs swearing up and down that they are blessed with superior metabolisms that allow them to eat and drink pretty much everything under the sun! C’mon guys, there’s nothing wrong with admitting you work your butt off for that rock hard bod or that you have to fight cravings every once in awhile! In fact, I think everyone would respect you that much more and applaud your efforts!

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