9 Annoying Things Celebrities do ...


9 Annoying Things Celebrities do ...
9 Annoying Things Celebrities do ...

We love hearing about the latest celebrity hookups and breakups, getting some style inspiration and trying out their latest workouts but I’d like to call attention to some of the annoying things celebrities do. That’s right, celebrities are guilty of doing some pretty irritating things and although I love celebrities as much as the next woman, I have to call them out on some of their annoying behaviors!

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Absolutely Fabulous

This has to be one of my top celebrity pet peeves-celebs swearing up and down that they are blessed with superior metabolisms that allow them to eat and drink pretty much everything under the sun! C’mon guys, there’s nothing wrong with admitting you work your butt off for that rock hard bod or that you have to fight cravings every once in awhile! In fact, I think everyone would respect you that much more and applaud your efforts!



Mom-agers are great and all, who better to help manage your career than the person who knows you best but some mom-agers take things a little too far and that’s why it’s on my list of annoying things celebrities do. From Dina Lohan to Kris Jenner, I get that they want be in the limelight too but let’s not get it twisted, don’t try to dress or act like your child/client and keep it all business, not personal.


Dehydrated and Exhausted

Another one of the annoying celeb habits I have to bring up is when celebs are always dehydrated and or exhausted! Um, I get that you have a super busy schedule and you’re talented and all, but when is the last time you did half of the work of a working mother, who can’t ever call in sick?! Props to all the hard-working celebs, but there are lots of regular folks who are in the same shoes doing it for much less!


Perfect Pregnancy

There’s nothing like a slim and trim post baby celebrity body to get us motivated to get our bodies back into shape, but another one of the annoying things celebrities do is say that their entire pregnancy and the delivery was a breeze (Gisele!) or that their bodies just magically bounced back after giving birth. I know some women have an easier time getting back to their pre-baby weight than others, but a painless pregnancy and you have a six-pack a few months after delivery?!


Publicity Stunts

Ah, another on the top celebrity pet peeves is their shameless need for attention and the publicity stunts. Whether it’s a reality star getting caught up in a sex scandal or some celebs who insist on being photographed in next to nothing, these stunts get old fast! Our everyday lives can get a little stale and boring, but we’re not that desperate for entertainment!


Reality Stars

So this isn’t exactly an annoying thing per se, but reality stars are a dime a dozen now and for the most part they’re famous for being drunk, acting crazy or being good looking and that is not what makes a star! The sudden influx of all these reality shows has gotten everyone confused as to what constitutes talent and what’s just entertaining!


Pity Party

Some celebrities swear their bodies are perfect whilst others are total negative Nancy’s which is a totally annoying celeb habit. When Jessica Alba was pregnant last year she told People magazine “There’s no hiding the bump… they don’t make clothes for women with giant beer guts.” For the love of Pete, you’re carrying a child, not a beer gut! You’re not the only woman who goes through bodily changes during a pregnancy so quit feeling sorry for yourself!


Extravagant Spending

I get that celebs work really hard and deserve some retail therapy and then some, but some stars take their extravagant spending habits to another level which is yet another one of the annoying things celebrities do. For example, Beyonce rocked a pair of Balenciaga leggings that cost her a cool $100k and Victoria Beckham boasts a collection of Birkins that are worth $2 million! Call me crazy but that’s a little much!


Stupid Sayings

This list of celebrity pet peeves wouldn’t be complete without mentioning their verbal diarrhea! We’re all guilty of uttering some embarrassing things once in awhile, but celebrities should be used to people recording and hanging on their every word so they should be a little more careful about what comes out of their mouths, right? Well, some people never learn , whether it’s a homophobic remark or insulting certain types of people, celebs need to get it together!

There are a lot of annoying things celebrities do but then again, they’re only human. There are many stars who do good but their good deeds unfortunately get overshadowed by sex scandals and wardrobe malfunctions! What are your top celebrity pet peeves? Is there any celeb you love to hate?

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