Top 9 Hot Actors Who Should Play Christian Grey ...

Are you one of the many 50 Shade of Grey fanatics out there and you’re dying to find out who will be cast at the Christian Grey actor? I’m with ya and I thought it would be fun to think up some of today’s hottest actors who should get the coveted role of playing Mr. Christian Grey! There are so many delectable young men out there who could totally pull of playing the brooding yet handsome billionaire and even if you’re not a fan of the books, we can still think up some smokin’ hot actors we’d like to see in a sexy flick!

1. Colin Egglesfield

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Colin Egglesfield made this list of possible Christian Grey actors due to his classic good looks and his experience playing a doctor on All My Children. You know this guy can peg the role of Christian since he’s used to drama and scandals not to mention he’s devastatingly gorgeous and totally passable as a serious guy with a freaky side! I bet he has a lot of ladies biting their bottom lip and wanting him!

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