10 Hottest Band Front-men ...

Let's face it, we all have a band member that we would be a total groupie for. There's just something about a man with a guitar in his hands, or singing, that makes us all go crazy. When you cross the allure of being a musician with being a total hottie, the combination is something worthy of obsession. I'm here to dive into the world of musicians and pick out the top 10 hottest band front-men for you to swoon over.

1. Jared Leto

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Jared Leto is the lead singer for the band 30 Seconds to Mars and he is my #1 pick for hottest band front-man! Not only does he raise money and support for great causes like the Haiti earthquake relief, but he's also 40 years old and still looks like he's in his late 20's! He has also pursued a career in acting and was in some of my favorite films including Fight Club, Requiem for a Dream, and Mr. Nobody. He has even been sought after by Hollywood beauty Scarlett Johanson! I don't know about you guys, but a hot musician, who is also an actor, and gives to charity is definitely a triple threat of perfect in my book.

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