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8 Celebrities Who Have Been in Trouble with the Law ...

By Alison

Celebrity lawbreakers keep newspapers very busy. It seems that some famous folks just can't resist breaking the law and clocking up appearances in court. Just look at Lindsay Lohan – she's in court so frequently, she ought to have her own named seat! Here are some celebrities who have been in trouble with the law quite a few times …

1 Lindsay Lohan

What happened to that fresh-faced star of Mean Girls? Lohan's early promise as a young actress has descended into a catalog of arrests, court appearances and bad hairdos. When will that girl get her act together? Lindsay needs to give up drugs and booze, and work on a healthier and happier lifestyle, or we all know how she's going to end up.

2 Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has become infamous among the long list of celebrities who have been in trouble with the law. What is going on there? Once a good actor, he's now more famous for substance abuse, violence against women (including his wives) and launching more lawsuits than I've written articles. And now he's been partnered with Lindsay Lohan in Scary Movie 5. You couldn't make it up. Oh wait, they did.

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3 Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash was getting into trouble with the law decades before most of today's celebrity lawbreakers were even born. Like many celebs, his problems were generally to do with drugs. Although he was arrested several times, his stays in jail were always brief, despite his reputation for having done serious jail time...

4 Amanda Bynes

You know you're in trouble when even Lindsay Lohan takes to Twitter to criticise your recent criminal endeavours! Perhaps Lindsay is worried that Ms Bynes will take over her crown as Hollywood's resident Bad Girl, since the latter has been doing her best to clock up as many arrests as possible lately. What do you think about her many excuses concerning her arrests?

5 Mattthew Fox

DUI does seem to be rather a popular misdemeanour among celebrity lawbreakers. This year, it was Lost star Matthew Fox's turn to be caught out. Not smart, Matthew. You and Lindsay need to learn a simple fact: take a cab if you've had a drink.

6 OJ Simpson

The OJ Simpson trial might have been some years ago, but it still makes the news (it is frequently mentioned because the late father of the Kardashians was his defence lawyer). Simpson may have been acquitted, but questions are still being asked about whether he got away with murder. Then, too, he's currently in jail for an entirely different crime.

7 Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson seems to be competing with Charlie Sheen as to who can have the biggest and most public meltdown. So far Gibson seems to be winning if you count career self-sabotage. He's made some very nasty anti-Semitic remarks, been charged with attacking his ex-girlfriend, and managed an arrest for DUI as well.

8 Robert Downey Jr

The current crop of misbehaving celebs could learn from the example of Robert Downey Jr. The actor was arrested several time for drug offences, and served two jail terms, but has cleaned up his act and kept out of trouble. Shows it can be done … are you listening, Amanda, Lindsay and Mel?

Celebrity lawbreakers come and go, but one thing is for sure – there will always be more! Of course, they make the news because of their fame, but some of them do seem to think that the law doesn't apply to them. What do you think of celebrities who have been in trouble with the law – do they get away with it because of their status, and do they have any obligation to present a good example to the public?

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