10 Celebrities Who Care about the Environment ...


Looking after our world is so important that it’s no wonder there are celebrities who care about the environment. We are all encouraged on a daily basis to do our bit to help reduce humanity’s impact on Planet Earth: from recycling to using public transport, there are many everyday things we all do in our attempt to lessen our impact. However it is the stories of the celebrities who care about the environment which really intrigue me – the people who have the money, power and influence to make the biggest changes are celebrities. Read on to find out a little more about 10 of the more environmentally friendly celebrities in the world.

1. Brad Pitt

New Orleans was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in mid-2005. Since then, Brad Pitt has not only been working on bestselling Hollywood blockbusters, but has also been actively donating his own money to help renovate the Lower 9th Ward; a part of the city which even today is feeling the effects of the storm. Not only are celebrities who care about the environment, like Brad Pitt, helping through financial support (Pitt himself has given over $5 million), but the motivation which comes with their appearances are priceless.

Hayden Panettiere
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