11 Overexposed Celebrities I'm Sick of ...


11 Overexposed Celebrities I'm Sick of ...
11 Overexposed Celebrities I'm Sick of ...

There are so many overexposed celebrities that I am sick of hearing about and seeing constantly. Some of them have just gotten old for me due to continuous publicity or incessant playing of one song. Others, I simply don’t understand why they are even famous or perhaps I liked them at first, but they have become abhorrent role models for today’s youth. Before I begin my list of overexposed celebrities, I just want to state that these are only my opinions and if I touch base on someone you like, I apologize. I have my reasons for disliking them and you have yours for liking them, it is not my goal to hurt any feelings.

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Ke$ha As far as overexposed celebrities go, this one tops my chart. Honestly, I could write a whole article on how repulsive I find Ke$ha. I will admit that a lot of her music is catchy and upbeat and I don’t change the station when it comes on. I probably even know all of the words to a few of her songs. I began to take issue with Ke$ha when she started taking her “party girl” image a little too far. All of her recent songs are about getting drunk, being irresponsible, picking up guys and being rude, crude or obnoxious while barely clothed. People may think that her words and actions have no effect on the people who listen to her music, but she recently asked her fans to send her their TEETH. And they did! She received over 1,000 teeth from the people who idolize her and she made a bra, headdress and jewelry out of them. If they will send her parts of their own body because she asks, of course they will dress like cheap hookers so they can look like her.


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian I don’t even know why Kim Kardashian is considered a celebrity, but she is, so she’s on my list. She literally became famous for dating Nick Lachey and being friends with Paris Hilton. Then a sex video of hers leaked and this somehow led to a ridiculous amount of reality shows being based around her and her family. Every time her fame starts to diminish, there is some publicity stunt there to knock her back into the magazines. Her incredibly short marriage, all her relationship problems, etc… have made headlines. Is she gorgeous? Yes. Is that all it takes to be famous now? Good looks and a sex tape? With that logic, shouldn’t every porn star in the world be on the cover of People magazine?


Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Honestly this kid has done nothing wrong, in my eyes. He posted some videos on YouTube, got famous, and now he’s living the dream. Good for him. Seriously, how many people get a shot like that? I am just so sick of hearing his music and listening to well known and semi-respected rappers and R&B artists being featured on his songs. He’s a cute kid, he has a good voice and some pretty catchy tunes, I just don’t want to hear them anymore. It’s almost impossible to go shopping without hearing one of his songs and it’s starting to drive me crazy.



Rihanna I actually really like Rihanna. She has a very interesting sounding voice, meaningful song lyrics (sometimes) and she can be quite funny and endearing in interviews. My huge, gigantic, enormous issue with her is very simple: Chris Brown. He beat her up, it was very publicly talked about; everyone knows it happened, we’ve all seen the horrifying pictures of what he did to the poor girl’s face. She left him, good for her! It takes a lot of guts and confidence to leave an abusive relationship and she helped a lot of people. I know this, because when it happened I remember reading tons and tons of posts from people thanking her for standing up for herself and giving them the courage to do the same. So what does she do? She turns around and took him right back again! Although she and Brown have split up again since, what sort of message does that send to all the fans who look up to her and took solace in the fact that Rihanna could leave the handsome and talented Chris Brown? Should she be allowed to live her life however she wants? Yes, if she no longer wants to be a celebrity in the public’s eye where she knows she is held to a higher standard. It may not be fair, but that’s the way it is. If you are looked up to as a role model, you act as such or you remove yourself from the position.


Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Honestly, I just find Nicki Minaj to be incredibly annoying. The vast majority of her lyrics don’t make much sense; at times it seems as if she is just shouting random words. She has a ridiculous “alter ego” named Roman who she features on her songs by using a goofy sounding voice. She and Lil Kim have an absurd battle going in which they both write idiotic songs such as “Stupid Hoe” about each other, proclaiming the other one is phony or calling each other names. I find all of these things incredibly irritating, but not nearly as obnoxious as the eardrum bursting beeps and siren sounds she has blasting in the background of every song. It isn’t music, it’s torture.


Kanye West

Kanye West I don’t believe that there is a more arrogant celebrity than Kanye West. When he first got big I really liked him, his beats were good, and his lyrics were catchy. As he has gained more fame, however, his ego has grown to an unbearable size. He has compared himself to Jesus at his highest point and Hitler at his lowest. Anyone who believes themselves to be that important really needs to take a step back from the fame and evaluate who they have become and realize that they aren’t nearly as significant as they think they are.


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan If she’d had a better family life and had stayed off of the drugs, Lindsay Lohan could be a top star right now. Unfortunately the combination of a troubled personal life and a seemingly unbeatable drug habit and bad decisions have completely destroyed what was once a beautiful girl with tremendous acting ability. She hasn’t done anything positive in several years now and the only time she makes the news is when she drives drunk, goes to rehab or ends up in court for a variety of reasons. She is a living example of how NOT to behave.


Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Though we don't hear as much about Paris as we used to, still seeing her spread all over magazines, business ads and more just irks me. I don't know the girl, so don't have a reason not to like her, but she didn't do anything! She got famous for being just a rich girl, and that seems silly to me. While it isn't bad to be rich, I don't think you should become a worldwide celebrity just for that fact, or because of who your father is.


Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Hear me out on this one, please. First off, I don't hate Miley Cyrus. I actually like her music and most of her songs fill my workout playlist. I know the girl is a little "off" right now, but which one of us hasn't gone through a hard time and had to figure things out for ourselves? She's going through a time right now where she's trying to do that, and I wish people would give her a break. I respect her more, not for her trashy appearances lately, but because she's not sticking to that "goody two shoes" tween act, just for the sake of being accepted. I'm tired of hearing about how "downhill" she has gone. Leave the girl alone, and talk about something more important, please!


Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton Once again, this girl has done nothing trashy, but I'm just tired of hearing about her. Yes, she married into royalty, but that's it! Quit idolizing her for her status, and focus instead on people who are making an active change in the world. I'm sure she's a nice lady, and I give her the utmost respect for the status in which she holds, but does she really need to be on the cover of every magazine? I just saw one the other day that told "How to Eat like Kate Middleton," or something like that. Who cares what the girl snacks on, I ask?


Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian Actually, I'm sick of ALL the Kardashians. The fact that they have their own TV show just bugs me. Seriously, now. There is something wrong with this. These women are not who we should be promoting in today's society. I'd much rather see Kate Middleton publicized more than the Kardashians!

Whether or not you agree with my list of overexposed celebrities, I am sure you have a few of your own that you are sick of. A celebrity should be someone who has an above average skill, be that dancing, acting, singing or anything of the sort. For some reason, there are a significant amount of celebrities today that are only famous for being trashy or ridiculous instead of being good at something. What overexposed celebrities are you tired of?

Publisher's note: This article was written in collaboration with editor Heather Williams.

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I agree with Kim, personally she gets on my nerves. But I like all the rest

@Jenny O'Hara I wasn't commenting on what you said. I'm not sure why anyone thought I was because you didn't say she was pathetic

Agree u_u

But you don't even know what really happened or went down between Rihanna and Chris brown

KIM is NOOT PRETTY ... Ppl who say that are uhm well slow? Because with the amount of surgeries shes had done to her face and body; barbies face is less stiff then hers... And to be honest if i was a fake sl*t who had something done to my face every 3 months... On top of a good plastic surgeon ; ppl would probably think i looked " better" too. So bite me


I agree with all of these! Except for Justin Beiber, I don't care much for him but besides that I agree as well! They're sell outs who have forgotten the importance of substance in being an artist.

I don't know.. Call me credulous but Kim seems to be such a nice person on her show keeping up with the kardashians! I can hardly believe she's arrogant or something I find her actually quite kind

@Maudelyn Darby I agree but sometimes celebrities feel they can be above everyone just because they feel famous

I totally agree with everything but I respected nick manat a little more when I found out that when she was younger her father was an alchoholic and was abusive. Yup.

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