7 Celebrities Who'd Give You the Worst Relationship Advice Ever ...


7 Celebrities Who'd Give You the Worst Relationship Advice Ever ...
7 Celebrities Who'd Give You the Worst Relationship Advice Ever ...

The worst relationship advice can come from a celeb too, and judging from the way some of them handle their relationships, the advice they are able to put in might be the last tips to take! Celebrity love problems are on the rise but, then again, can you think of a time in which this wasn’t so? One thing’s for sure, with so many annoying couples and seriously troubled individuals, choosing the worst relationship advice from the celebs might be super hard. Deciding which celebrity’s lead you don’t want to follow, on the other hand, isn’t, so if you ever run into these folks below, be sure to keep your romantic issues private.

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What can I say? I really felt for this girl! I mean, being in a relationship with an abusive person, getting beat up… that’s not something you choose. Getting back together with the abuser despite the horrifying firsthand experience… now, that was every bit her choice and not a good one, if I may add! I mean seriously, what’s the deal with that? One thing is for sure, you don’t want to be following that example. It’s like the worst relationship advice ever! Like, “Oh, but he’ll change!” Yeah right, because that’s how it always happens. And we all lived happily ever…


Kim Kardashian

Raise your hand if you think Kanye and Kim’s romance is one of the worst celebrity relationships you’ve seen in a while! No disrespect to Kim, but girl, why in the hell would you let your boyfriend do all of the thinking for you? Seriously, last time I’ve checked, you’ve been able to pick a good outfit all on your own. And you used to wear normal shoes, play with colors and experiment with your hair! I won’t be taking any relationship advice from you because that would mean my husband should start deciding what I buy and wear! *Gasps, shudders and runs off to hide in the closet!*


Jesse James

Jesse might be good with the machines but he should never ever be allowed around women again. And did I just say “never”? Well, strike that, never would be too soon! Furthermore, if I had a best friend that’s like Jesse, he would be the last person I’d turn to for advice regarding which of the two guys I’m torn between I should date. He’ll probably advise me to date both and find one more to keep things interesting… or 5 or… err… 19? But that’s hardly the worst of it! Presuming that I dig the guy to the point in which I really consider him my best pal, I’d probably go “Yay, bro, you’re so right!” Ugh… scary!


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay… ah well, you don’t want to be asking her to help you get over your ex. She’ll probably suggest breaking the speed limit, beating him up with a two-by-four, making a real show for the paparazzi then storming out of the club, managing to pose for a few more “look at me, I’m so wasted I can’t even walk straight” sets of soon-to-be front page news photos. Nope, violence, insults, public freak show are definitely not an answer! Nor are they romantic!


Heidi Montag

Ah well, what does Bionic Woman know about love! She married for publicity! Seriously, I’m glad this couple is getting less and less media coverage nowadays! I mean, who’d want to read about them? There are plenty of other faces and celebrity love problems that could make you puke in your mouth a little bit, no need to consult the happy couple asking them what keeps their relationship going. Unless you’re pining for a staged relationship of your own? Well, then you should definitely give Bionic Woman a call… she’ll tell you all about kissing and smiling on cue and maybe even show you how to pull off an “aweee, I love you, honey bunch” look even when you’re caught by surprise.



Em’s love boat has had it rougher than Noa’s Arc and his relationship with Kim was everything but boring. I’m not even sure they are really together at the time being but hey, they’ll get back together eventually. Now, I most definitely don’t know them personally but judging from Eminem’s lyrics and tabloid writings, one could easily picture them as two cave people, clubbing each other’s heads at least a dozen times a day. They are hardly the only example of celebrity love problems hitting the fan, but I must admit their way of keeping the old flames burning is rather unorthodox. Needless to say, you don’t want to be taking romance lessons from this unstable couple!


Mel Gibson

Mel has done and said some pretty interesting things over the last couple of years, yet I believe he’ll always be remembered for all the rude names he managed to come up with in order to describe his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child. He’s not the first celeb talking trash about the ex, of course, although that’s hardly enough to convince me to drop him and pick on someone else. Seriously, Mel, could you come up with something worse? Of course not, we’d need to invent a whole lot of new cuss words for that!

Can you think of some other celebrities that could offer potentially the worst relationship advice, and what do you think makes them such bad teachers?

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If you don't understand the cycle of domestic violence, it's easy to say Rihanna chose to go back. That statement is insulting to all victims of domestic violence and those of us who work hard to advocate for them.

Ummmm taylor swift should be number one..

@Rebecca Kerr harry styles? Man slut? What do you even know? Lol. That entire comment is just wrong.

I love her but Taylor Swift!

I totally agree about Taylor Swift.

Um, Taylor Swift should def be on this list.

How is Taylor swift not on this list

Taylor swift should be #1 on this list. She dated 13 guys last year alone!

Sorry. I say Taylor Swift.

Lil Wayne. If you've heard his music it's self explanatory

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