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8 Trends Started by Celebrities ...

By Sophia

Trends started by celebrities can be hit and miss. Some trends are iconic and stand the test of time while others are definitely more fad-driven. While some trends might have existed long before certain celebrities made them ‘cool,’ the extra exposure definitely helped them gain popularity. Take a look at these trends started by celebrities.

1 The ‘Rachel’

As far as trends started by celebrities go, this one is pretty iconic. The ‘Rachel’ is probably one of the most famous hairstyles of our time. Named after her character in the TV sitcom ‘Friends,’ Jennifer Aniston’s layered hairdo quickly became a must for women of the 1990s.

2 Leopard Print Coats

OK, so leopard print coats are hardly new. But in the past couple of years or so they’ve come back in a big way, and you could probably thank Kate Moss for that. One minute leopard print coats were tacky and best left in your grandma’s closet, but as soon as Mossy slipped one on they became a must have!

3 Skull Scarves

Nicole Richie has undergone a huge transformation in her time, from Paris Hilton’s questionably dressed sidekick to a bona fide trend setter. These days she’s well known for her boho-inspired style. While Alexander McQueen’s skull scarves were popular with many celebrities, Nicole Richie’s fondness for them probably made them more appealing to the trend-hungry masses.

4 Ballet Flats

While ballet flats have been around for a long time, style icon Audrey Hepburn definitely helped with their revival. She often teamed them with slim, cropped pants and this combination could easily be described as her signature look. These days, ballet flats are a wardrobe staple and Hepburn’s elegant and relaxed look has definitely stood the test of time.

5 Peter Pan Collars

Alexa Chung is definitely a style icon in her own right. She’s well known for her vintage-inspired looks and is often featured in best-dressed lists. Her style is emulated the world over and nothing says quirky, vintage-inspired style quite like a Peter Pan collar. Nowadays Peter Pan collars seem to be on shirts and dresses everywhere you look and you probably have Alexa to thank for that!

6 Studded Ankle Boots

Kate Bosworth is well known for her cool street style looks. Every time she’s snapped wearing something, it’s then circulated on countless fashion websites and blogs. She was one of the first celebrities to be spotted wearing Chloé’s red studded ‘Susan’ ankle boots. Since then they’ve sold out, been re-introduced, and spawned hundreds of knock-offs.

7 Mini Skirts

When famous model Jean Shrimpton wore a mini dress in the 1960s, she created a little bit of history. The outfit created controversy but also helped put shorter hemlines and mini skirts on the forefront of popular fashion. Mini skirts became iconic of the Swinging Sixties and are still as popular as ever today.

8 Menswear

When Diane Keaton appeared in the film ‘Annie Hall’ she definitely created a fashion moment. Whether you liked her menswear inspired outfits in the movie or not, they definitely influenced an era in fashion. Suddenly collared shirts, slouchy trousers, bowler hats, and ties were all fair game for women to wear.

Like it or not, celebrities can have a big influence on trends. These are just a few celebrities who have had a hand in making certain trends popular. Can you name any more trends started by celebrities?

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