4 Surprising 😱 Facts to Know πŸ’­ about Caitriona Balfe πŸ‘© ...

Who wants some facts about Caitriona Balfe? Fans may have focused on Sam Heughan, who stars as Jamie Fraser, but there are certain things that every Outlander follower should know about Caitriona Balfe, who stars as Clair Fraser in the Starz hit series. Most people may have known her for her decade-long modeling career, which apparently brought her to the height of her true calling – acting. That means there are loads of facts about Caitriona Balfe that you'll love knowing.

Aside from her modeling and acting careers, here are four things that you may or may not have known about our fearless, gorgeous, and brave heroine.

1. Balfe’s Skin Care Secret

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One of the facts about Caitriona Balfe that you probably want to know is how she gets such great skin. Caitriona Balfe definitely has the most luminous and flawless skin. You probably are not surprised to find that the Irish actress was cited in People’s Most Beautiful issue.

While the magazine lists Hollywood star Julia Roberts in the top spot, Caitriona gets a special mention for her jaw-dropping fair complexion. As seen in the photo below, she unveils her top skin care tip, which is making sure she never sleeps with a face full of makeup.

β€œI’m quite proud to say that I haven’t gone to sleep with my makeup on since I was a teenager,” the actress told People.


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