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28 Silver Foxes That Will Definitely Persuade You to Date an Older Man ...

By Neecey

Ladies - are you looking for some eye candy that has definitely stepped more than a few paces over the puberty line? As delightful as the post-teen and 30-somethings are to feast your eyes on, there are some real hot older guys out there. It's a common saying that grey hair gives men a certain distinguished look. Here are some of our fave guys who are aging and taking grey to the max.

1 George Clooney

Does he get better as he ages?
George Clooney

2 Patrick Dempsey

Dr. McDreamy could now put the grey into Grey's Anatomy
Patrick Dempsey

3 Idris Elba

After playing Nelson Mandela, Idris is now looking like an elder statesman himself
Idris Elba

4 Matt LeBlanc

He'll be there for you, grey or not.
Matt LeBlanc

5 Brad Pitt

Oh Brad. Black, blonde, grey ... we don't mind.
Brad Pitt

6 Jon Bon Jovi

He's halfway there to a full head of grey hair.
Jon Bon Jovi

7 Matt Damon

It's hard to think he's 44 now.
Matt Damon

8 Eric Dane

Dr. McSteamy can still give McDreamy a run for his money.
Eric Dane

Billie Yes... I would watch him run.😁...

9 Ben Affleck

A shade of grey done with style.
Ben Affleck

Billie what's up with this photo? What is that sticking o...

10 Colin Farrell

The luck of the Irish blessed this dish.
Colin Farrell

Billie oh my Daddy!...

11 Joaquin Phoenix

I quite like his bearded look - do you?
Joaquin Phoenix

12 Djimon Hounsou

Statuesque and now an extra touch of distinction.
Djimon Hounsou

13 Daniel Day Lewis

Three time Oscar winner looking good.
Daniel Day Lewis

14 Pierce Brosnan

I think this is exactly how Fleming imagined Bond would look in his 60s.
Pierce Brosnan

15 Viggo Mortensen

Flying the flag for Danish greys.
Viggo Mortensen

16 Jeffery Dean Morgan

And yet another entry from Grey's Anatomy gorgeous greys.
Jeffery Dean Morgan

17 Hugh Grant

Some grey won't spoil Hugh's youthful good looks.
Hugh Grant

18 Rupert Graves

Another youthful English face topped by grey. It's Rupert Grayves now!
Rupert Graves

19 Max Joseph

A delicious shock of grey hair at the young age of 33.
Max Joseph

20 Al Pacino

Still got it at 75.
Al Pacino

21 Tom Hanks

I like his touch of grey. Do you?
Tom Hanks

22 Sean Penn

He can penn me a love letter any time.
Sean Penn

23 Gerard Butler

My favorite Scottish shade of grey.
Gerard Butler

24 Daniel Craig

No doubt the grey's been touched out for his latest Bond adventure.
Daniel Craig

25 Richard Gere

The epitome of a silver fox.
Richard Gere

26 Will Smith

Still looking fresh.
Will Smith

27 Kevin Costner

A grey wolf who dances?
Kevin Costner

Billie a private dancer......

28 Sean Connery

Still holding his own among an illustrious list of greys.
Sean Connery

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