Why Serena Williams is an Awesome Role Model ...

There’s always room for more records to be set in sport. The latest record to hit the headlines is from Serena Williams. In winning the 2017 Australian Open, the phenomenal tennis player can now boast 24 Grand Slam titles, the most in the Open Era (since 1968), taking over from previous record holder Steffi Graf. This awesome woman/athlete/sister/fiance/fashion designer deserves praise. Let’s give her some.

1. World Number One

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Having been overtaken in the rankings by Angelique Kerber at the end of 2016, her 7th Australian open title, sees Serena gain the world number one ranking. This is the 7th time Serena has held the top spot, and in total has been World No. 1 for 310 weeks, which ranks her 3rd in the Open Era. She may be 35 years old now but few will bet against her taking more Grand Slam titles before she retires.

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